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Magician with 25 years experience, proudly on the left hand path. Preparing to summon the mighty King Paimon himself.



Greetings. What brought you to the forum? :smiley:

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Drawn to those walking a similar path, but who took the darker turn at the crossroads. I’m always curious as to different methodologies, and the magician’s use of power vis-a-vis a deity or higher sentients. For me, I’m really turned off by the whole light/dark binary and the false allegiances to the idea of good and evil. I play in the shadows, not because I’m evil, but rather I occupy many spaces beyond those two anthropomorphic categories. I am also interested in the idea of magickal correspondences and how using them hones focus and will to create intention. For the hell of it last night, I played with astral travel. To my utter delight, I encountered King Paimon in all his regal blues. He was just as curious as I was, yet he maintained just enough distance to let me know his power. In a way that only King Paimon is, he didn’t display his power vulgarly. He masterfully interacted, fierce but not ostentatious.