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Hello Group. I joined this afternoon but I’ve been a peepin’tom here for many months.

I am very new LHP, have yet to work with it as i still learning about it.

I come to LHP by my studies in traditional (Torah-foundationed) Kabbalah, which I’ve been studying for over 50 years (yep, i’m a happy “boomer! B”H).

I am Jewish, graduated from rabbinical school but decided not to be ordained.

My kabbalah teachers were in USA and Israel.

I decided to dip in to the klipotic path because that path is taught only on the surface by a mekubal (kabbalist) to his (or her) students.

I am schooled and a practitioner of kabbalah ma’asit, practical kabbalah, what the world would call “kabbalistic magic.” I have been practicing kabbalah maasit for over 25 years, essentially for the assistance of others, particularly healing.

I have also been studying alchemy for about 30 years, though i haven’t practiced laboratory alchemy for many years. [I am a firm believer one can learn alchemy without laboratory work, otherwise it is only a portion of the Great Work.]

I am the Pennsylvania administrator (they insist on calling the position “president”) of the International Alchemy Guild.

As you might sense my learning in both alchemy and kabbalah is from actual alchemists and mekabulim (kabbalists), not as part of some path attached to an occult school. My understanding of qabalah (wesoteric, occult based “kabbalah”) is judt enough to know the difference. To each one’s own to subtle teachings.

You can address me as Gortfulcanelli, or Gort, GF, … don/donnie/donald (my parents’ given name). I don’t get bent out of shape by negative name calling either (“sticks & stones….”).



Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

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What brings a traditional Kabbalist such as yourself to the BALG forum?

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Howdy. As intimated in introduction post, traditional Kabbalah floats over the details of the klipot, notwithstanding that teaching’s warnings to be at war against it. Rather a silly notion to be at battle without knowing (personal experience) with the essence of that ienergy.
There are many actual practitioners of LHP amongst the mekabulim but it is never publicly acknowledged. Much as the most renown practitioners of the “black arts” amongst christian leaders, especially within roman catholic hierarchy, but it is (was?) never publicly acknowledged & denied if attempt was made.

I have come to LHP on its own terms, not on some offhanded desire to know and then abandon simply for the sake of greater knowing and knowledge.

I am still in the kindergarten state of my learning LHP and am about to proceed with archmagus Asenath’s initiating “projects” when i feel i am ready to bite that bullet.