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New to the forum. Hello All, happy to be here.

Just a quick question about Michael W. Ford’s Apotheosis. I purchased the book on 5/17/19 yet still not not received it. Not too worries but would like to know if theres any news regarding.

Thank you,


Welcome to the forum please introduce yourself in this before DarkestKnight comes to say something

Welcome @Say10Sun.

It is a rule of this forum that all new members must introduce themselves, so please tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have, A simple greeting is not sufficient to meet the criteria for a proper introduction.

@DemonMonk the OP does not have to post in the dedicated thread. This post can stand as his intro if he expands upon it with some actual information about himself.

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Apologies @DarkestKnight & @DemonMonk. Seems I got things a bit out of order.

I ended up posting on the official into thread before I read your comments.

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No problem, man. It’s all good. Welcome :slight_smile:

So yeah, I’m assuming most have ordered at least one thing from BALG. I’m not bad mouthing or putting a negate light on anything. Shipping takes however long it takes. I just really want to get my hands on the book.

Where do you live? The length of time for orders seems to depend a lot on your region. Some members here who live outside of the US have waited up to several months for orders.

Southern California

Contact the help desk and ask for a tracking number.

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Yeah I have tracking via the help desk on the 6/5. It’s been sitting in pre-shipment since, so the label is printed but not been dropped off.

Contact them again and ask what’s going on. They should be able to tell you why it hasn’t shipped yet.

Or do you mean it is at the post office and the postal service hasn’t done anything with it?

If a usps package is dropped off it typically gets an acceptance scan that day. I don’t mean to be argumentative; I do a lot of shipping in and outside the U.S. Usps has been know to have issues though, but if I had to guess it’s not been drop off at the post office yet.

I’ll try the help desk again. I was hoping for an answer from them like it will ship the week of blank and I’m not getting that so I was just curious if others have received the book or what not.

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Oh, I understand. I’m in Canada, and some of my orders from BALG took quite awhile to ship so I know the frustration. :slight_smile: