New Kind of WRS


Helloplease let me give a chance
this sigil is contected to higer inteligence ET same the same fromthis movie AI mecha (alien?) scene - YouTube
and iy is it interestinng
please give me chance and try
they are interesting iin human race they are very powerfull
they use primordial poweer for healing humans in fast way (same as Sorath) they can give you alienc familiers ,works fast but offerings are imortant
Offerings : meat, vegetables, sexual fluids, blood, sweets, food,water,
please enjoy

Click HERE. Sigil of ET from the Movie Al mecha

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Mode note: Sigil is now under a spoiler for those who don’t want to be randomly drawn into such things.

Hey man, you didn’t answer my question on your other sigil? What are your experiences with these personally? Have you tried these out yourself?