New (Introduction) + In Need of Answers

good evening everyone: I’m new to this site and have questions regarding the Invocation of Pomba Gira. I have her prayer (or one version)

My question is: what have you felt when invoking her? Any smells? Certain feelings? Please let me know so I can try to compare.
QUEEN MARY PADILHA that (RB) at this point is thinking about me at all costs and willing to stand beside me, wanting to see me, hug me and kiss me, your mouth feels really wanted to kiss me and that her mind has only at my presence. What (RB) look for me today, NOW calling me to be with her and saying she loves me and that made the right decision and final. So be it! My Queen Pomba Mulambo Maria, Queen of the Seven Crossroads, so I ask:Go where (RB) is and make it not to rest until they talk to me, by the powers of the earth! by the presence of fire and the breath of air, the virtues of the waters, I invoke the Holy Souls 13. By force of sacred hearts and tears shed for love that addresses where (RB) is giving me lots of love, affection and want to stay with me forever. What (RB) will never want another person OTHER THAN ME (CO), and she has eyes only for me. Save Pomba Mulambo Mary, Queen of the seven Encruzo! stranded, I ask you this: It turns, will woman turns and turns in my favor, turn in my favor and bring (RB) for me. And just asking: Air moves, turns fire, water forms, earth healing, and goes round, and the wheel goes round, will bring to me (RB) back as soon as possible, crazy and very passionate, this time she definitely return pros my arms. What (RB) loves only me and make me very happy. Let it be nice to me, you can not look at any man other than me. You feel good just by my side, who miss me and come to me and ask me to I’d never leave!What (RB) wants to stay with me forever. Even so, it will be, so it is done. Save Pomba Mulambo Mary, Seven Skirts Save, Save your sisters, Maria Padilha, chills and all others of the Falange.Save! Seven Skirts, my good and glorious princess, I know your strength and your power, beg you to answer my request. What (RB) and do not rest or sleep if you are not sure we’re together, that the body (RB) burn with desire for me. What (RB) be blind to not see other men or heras a woman, and that other men can not call her attention. Only I will have that power. What (RB) Can not never have no desire to have sex with any man but me, because I have (CO) in your heart.Maria Padilha, Maria Mulambo Crossroads of seven causes (RB) feel good just to hear my voice.AND I WISH HER FOREVER. What (RB) FEEL FOR ME an unusual desire as never felt for anyone and never feel. Seven by Exus that follow their steps, Iy pray and I beg that ties (RB) in the seven years of her skirt, and the Seven bells of your clothing, just for me. I am grateful to be working in my favor and I will disclose her name in exchange for my glorious Pomba request.Bring Maria Padilha (RB) for me today, now and forever, causing it to become my forever.Although (RB) resist, which with its power Maria Padilha, queen of Seven Crossroads! blow my name (CO) in her ear that she look for me today. What (RB) can not stop thinking about me, can not stay away from me, for fear I will lose. Bring it on, like a snake crawling, humble and meek who will say that I always want by your side, and so we can have a good chat. So be it and so will be! I prophesy in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who (RB) will come running after me NOW, crazy and passionate as soon as possible asking me to stay! FOREVER, because only you have my mouth will and pleasure of kissing, (RB) will now take me in your heart. I trust in the power of the Phalanges Pomba, Queen of the Seven Crossroads, each time you read this prayer, the stronger it will be, I am publishing this prayer as an offering, asking me to grant the request to make (RB) to be always with me. I know that E!Falange’s Spirit of the Dove turns are already blowing my name in the ear (RB), and she could not do anything until others come to me. I trust in the power of the Seven Crossroads, and I will continue making this powerful prayer for seven days. So be it, so it will be and so is done.AMEN, CO

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Welcome @scarletxflur It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so PLEASE CLICK THE LINK BELOW and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick, such as what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:


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I’ve worked with Pomba Gira a bit, early on. I felt what I thought was a creepy presence, but also wondered if it was an over active imagination and hope to accomplish something. I ended up Dreaming about her, and she gave me her name. There are many Pomba Giras, and not all may be suited for your purpose. If you just fire off with that name, you may find the closest one too you, but not necessarily the best match.

Somewhere out there is a pdf provided free by the author that goes into a lot of details about each type of Pom a girl, several specific ones (including the one named in my dream- I was surprised it was a match when I found it) and how tos on approach. Idr where I found it, I had to really dig, but it was a bright pink cover. I’m sure you’ll know it if you dig that far and find it.

Pleas introduce yourself as stated above. We can be much more helpful if we have some background info on you.

Oops! Sorry, new to forums.

My name is Scarlet and I’ve been practicing most forms of the craft for 5 years. Im from the United States. I mainly use candle workings and readings and the art of oils. I’m open to researching anything I need and open to ideas etc.

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Since you chose not to click the link provided and do a separate intro post, I have edited your title to reflect that you have met the rule. Welcome to the BALG forum :slight_smile:

Do you practice any specific tradition of witchcraft?