New, Important details about the Intranquil Spirit spell

First of first, if you just scroll this to see how long it is, and you would like to close it because “omg that’s too long” the things written here are not longer nor complicated than to make a soup, so before you close think about whether your desire is as important as a soup.

Also im not native English so sorry for mistakes.

1. How to make intranquil spirit oil? Even If you google this, for some reason nothing will be found, but here you go: Ingredients: Blend black pepper, Bay leaf, Ginger and balsam (I don’t own the book but the detailed measurements for professionals are in this book : (Carlos montenegro : Santeria Formulary & Spellbook; Candles, Herbs, Incense & Oils) This book is and old one, so don’t bother I spent 30 minutes to find it online, you can’t, buy it on amazon. You can make the oil without it, so dont worry. If you ever used any oils, try to look at them to figure out the measurements but usually its 70% the liquid part and 30% of the herbs.
Experts say you need to wait a lot of times after mixing up the oil, but if you cant, wait just a few days and when you need the oil, just shake it for a few minutes.

2. What should your petition look like? You can find the prayers in a few places but not the petition. So here is a quick guide on how to write that:
1. State who you are, name + (optional dob)
2. Ask the Intranquil spirits
3. Write what you want, but never ever specify (if you write “make him message me on WhatsApp at 7pm you legit cut the 99.9% of the other contact possibilities which is this whole spell about) (same if you write bring him back to me, don’t put 4 conditions about how you would like to “receive”)
So always write like simple without any detail “make him(name) contact me” “bring him(name) back to me”
4. At the left bottom write Town, and date
5. At the right bottom hand written your name, under that your signature.

3. What and how to offer?
Since I’m not writing the whole spell, you know the basic things (smokers, candles) above that, always put a glass of cold water to the surface that you are working on. (change it each day) Also, if you drink tap water but you taste it and you feel its not perfect, buy water in the store, never ever offer something you would not enjoy 100%. After success there are many ways to thank them, but never forget to!

4. Which hand to hold the cross in? Right, for some reason in many places it says left, but if you look carefully, in every movie or picture where they try to “banish the devil away” they always hold their cross in the left hand and the cross you use in this case is not for that. You will hold the pink candle in your left hand at the same time anyway.

5. About the candles: There are a few misunderstandings in this too, you will need a single 7 day candle you put the picture and the folded petition under this (will write how to make that) and 7 smaller (5-12h) pink candles.
1. The 7 day candle, well, the easy way if you order it online but the more energy and time you spend on a spell the more effective it could be (and its also useful for ones who cant order the candle (btw its kinda hard to get one outside of the US) so here is how to make it. Buy a 7 day candle (usually these are for cemeteries which is fully okay since this spell is based on spirits connected or at least relating to those places, color: white or pink but make sure you can Make it clean, meaning check whether the things on the candle’s wall are just stickers and dont printed or burned into it, you will need a full clear glass or plastic around the wax) measure the height of it (only of the flat surface where you can stick an image) and then print out this picture coloured (in the size where you can fit it to the candle):

This is the best quality of this image and took me 20 minutes to find.

(Also put this image like into a word or pages document where you can adjust the size of it according to the measured size for your candle)
Cut the printed out paper to get rid of the white border (the final cut image will be around 14cm height and 8-9cm wide). Buy any kind of glue and apply the glue to the back of the paper image and stick the image to the candle.
Go to a local pharmacy and buy a syringe both the part that sucks up the liquid and the needle too. Sip up the oil you made and inject it straight to the wax (tip: dont even try to poke holes with the same needle that you are injecting with because wax instantly block the inner tube of the syringe.) The only other oil I would use on the candle is reconciliation only. tip: Don’t put “love me” oil in to the rite(to the candles) while you say a prayer where you wish someone to suffer.
Let this candle rest for at least a day.

Now the 7 smaller pink ones. Each day before you say the prayer, crave your targets name + dob to the candle, staring from the bottom with the name and then the dob. (crave it before the ritual, dont do the 7 at once) and after you craved it, rub intranquil oil (+/ reconciliation oil) into the name and dob.

6. Language wise, so as I’m German, I could translate the prayer to myself to German but I dont. I use the English version. Why? Well im well understanding it in English so i know what Im saying, the key is always the intention. The original prayer is Spanish but since I dont understand Spanish I dont use that, but if you do, look it up and use that.

7. Environment, for some reason this isn’t mentioned anywhere too, but this isn’t a spell where you drop flowers at your floor and dance in light. You will do this at night between 22:30 and 04:00, completely blacked out room, no noise, no light. (at the start you can put some background music, but only the ones that would freak you out, instrumentals of horror movies etc, dont try with Justin Bieber or Drake) Other people, nearby, well no. If you dont feel 100% that you are in the rite so anyone could disturb you, dont even start it. So before you start it, you are in complete darkness in silence.

Small important notes:

  1. Don’t blow out any candle, yes you need a time frame and a place where you can let a candle burn for 7 days, and one for 7-12 hours daily
  2. As with any spell, dont talk about it, but really dont talk about this with anyone
  3. Before the ritual, bath, and dress up normally fresh clothes good smell etc, like you would go to a meeting
  4. Clean the environment you are working at, open the windows hours before the rite to make sure the place is neutral smelling, so the smoker you use can take a place
  5. Don’t use 30 candles for fun thinking that would boost the rite, use the 2 mentioned above. that will provide enough light to read the prayer. The same way you not put 30 candles on a grave, it would look weird, same for your home when you invite the intranquil spirits.
  6. The Intranquil Spirit is not a single entity if you use your imagination dont imagine a single shadow (only if you are working with a summoned spirit of a deceased ppl you know and you want to single hand the work to that specific entity)
  7. Read out the prayer in a way you command a legion, the words you will speak out loud are not “kind or easy” but be brave and put your intention to it.

I dont say you cant successfully perform this without following these steps, but these are my recommendations and hopefully most of them are new to the public.