New here

hiya all im a new person to this site look forward to conversing with like minded people


This doesn’t fulfil the criteria for a proper introduction. Please tell us about yourself and any magical experience you may have.

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Welcome to the forum. This is my thread might be of use to you.

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very true… i shall now try to remedy that.

im casper (nickname) im 38 from ireland, grew up in a catholic househould and in fact for my sins was an alter boy. when i started thinking for myself i soon found holes that i couldnt square and began to look for other things from an early age i had what i called the man that lived in the wall would knock the wall beside my bed before i slept… i personally dont remember this but older brother says that one day he came into my room and i was having a conversation with someone in my open wardrobe.

moving on to my teen years i made a home made (ojuie cant spell ) borad because i wanted to talk to a sister who died before i was born…and later i developed a interest in in the likes of mediumship with some success i have seen spirits one from only the waist up but that was ok, then satanism came more into my life i ordered and read the satanic bible and while very interesting and lead to to other things i took parts of it with me.

lilith being one of the things to a raging hormonal teen was a gift, and while i had several experiences with that i messed up too, after one experiance of being lifted of the bed ( not sure if still dreaming) and spun around, i really looked at more to do with it and learned something i wish i didnt, i should have never called it outfor the experience i was having as it changed when i did.( only recently i have tried to address this again)

well fast forward to now…i dont do alot of rituals i think they have a good place and im restarting to work on myself development i am more a meditative person i have not a wealth of knowledge and understand ive so much to learn even to be just not disrespectful

Lady Naamah is one that i am beginning to work with and have had some clear visions during meditation althou i am trying to be more careful and respectful.

to that end i hope this gives a little insight to where im at which is at the beginning, and look forward to walking with lady Naamah through the gate to self development


i have a fair understanding of energy as i see it…and when i do meditate and when i was very aware Naamah was there i do like to project energy from my core out and i was greatful to have a vision of a flaming inverted pentagram come forward and enter me like a kiss the feeling was strong assertive only slightly erotic (not my main focus ) and althou i closed down using a screw tight locking i felf a really strong feeling for hous after.

be interesting to hear how others communicate and ways they learn what they do learn for me i i go with feeling and with stuff that i hear poping in my head. always had that

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Thank you for elucidating a bit more on your experience, and welcome!

no probs sorry you had to drag it out of me…