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Hii!!( Guys i need some help …There s one of my friend who is suffering with deep depression cause his desires are not coming true…His desires are he wanna improve his appearance and dance Like Michael Jackson in school…which entity could help him…



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hoodoo oil crown of success could be great to do and then he has to put it every time he goes to class on the heart, the throat and the forehead, helps a lot to improve their abilities if they are those of his true self, for the spirit suitable for which to ask seek in the texts of demonology and you will surely find someone who has these skills, but surely one of the princes or kings could make the difference …


Which entity is specialized in changing or improving physical structure…and health???


Welcome I don’t have the answer but someone here will.


Mostly himself. Raphael, Healer of healers can help.

No amount of healing can counteract a poorly kept vessel though, and if he wants to improve his dancing, that means building muscle memory and only practice can do that. Make sure he takes care of himself with a good diet at least or there’s no point. Also, dopamine and endorphins released from strenuous exercise - like dancing practice - proven to help depression. If he wants to dance, he has to just dance.


ok appearents idk about but its simple to dance like mj…go get a wii n the mj experiance game n play for hours on end i did it was fun also you can try to help enhance his talents with someone who gives talents


@Alice_Abernathy_666 For health purposes, I suggest you Raphael or even Thoth!
They can both really help with health and any kind of healing!

Well, that’s hard…I suggest Lucifer, he can do many things. If he can’t do it, he’ll probably tell you a spirit who can. I do advice you to talk to him about it.


So,If Raphael could help him how i could ask him,plz guys guide me he is my childhood friend and i can’t see him suffering now he is in teen years first he got a bad pimples after that he got dark spots due to which he is losing his confidence could Raphael heal these dark spots…He is my very cute childhood friend but due to those flaws i can’t see her suffering…:sweat::cry:


I also came across Subliminals and in comment section people were getting results do they really work!!!???


I believe he could, but I don’t know how much time it would take. It depends on many things!

They do work, but for someone new to magic, they’re not recommended. In order to make them work, you should first be able to get into a deep meditation state. And in some cases, to be able to control some parts of your energy (for some more advanced ones, or so I imagine).

As for summoning spirits, there’re are many ways to do that. I suggest you to search the forum about it. You can do it using the spirit’s sigil, its enn, or even both.
I personally use no tools nor anything else, so it’s okay if you want to do that as well!

  • However, just a warning of sorts: Don’t expect magic to take away every single problem! Nor to work, like it does in the Hollywood films! You should give it time and space to work and while you become stronger, your control over the energies around you, will also become stronger!


There are some spells that can help change appearances I had found a few years back its one inperticulare one I did it was like a prayer to Aphrodite while you r n a tub if rose petals or rose water with red whit n pink candles…I’ll find it pm me tomorrow n I should have the prayer for u also keep in mind these things work when you have strong intent and strong effort n motivation but I think this will help as a n options along with calling on Raphael or Michael…the Wii game works wonders tho lol for the dancing part n he could invite anyone who has played to play to n he can show him how good he is at it well not better then me but lol jk I hope these work best of luck on his adventure


If Demons could change or improve our appearance then why do celebrities get their surgery done!?


Because it doesn’t happen like in movies. You don’t just ask it and the next morning you wake up changed.
Cosmic laws are applied in magic as well.


Oh Thank you!