New here!

Hello! I’m Helix. I joined to try and connect to other Qayinite or those that work with Qayin. I started working with Lord Qayin not too too long ago, I’m still reading the Falxifer books. I also worship Loki and am getting a bit deeper into Norse. I am a witch and lycanthrope/therian. I’m down to talk should anyone want to!

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Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: How long have you been practicing?

Thank you! I’ve been practicing witchcraft for about a year and a half I believe. What about you?

I just say I’m “eclectic”, a panentheistic animist, but I have no interest in giving my power away in worship to anything or anyone on principle.

My family read the tarot and did natural witchcraft, but I really started my personal journey with qigong and taoism maybe 25 years ago, then Druidry. then got into Peruvian shamanism through a local group, then Lightwork, then Azazel reached out maybe 3 years ago.

I found western occultism shared a lot of ground with what I already practiced, but with added spirit interaction in a very organised and detailed way that I enjoy.

So I practice a combination of things, kind of like having a tool bag that out of the things I’ve learned, I keep the tools that work for me and add them to my kit. Hence “eclectic”. :slight_smile:


Welcome @WolfWithin

Where are you from?

Do you have any experience in systems or traditions outside of the Qayin and Norse currents?

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I do most of my own research in books and videos. My magick is what ive learned so far, protections, hexes, baneful protections. As far as currents, I haven’t worked in any I was in a discord server with others Qayinite when I got confirmation from them that Lord Qayin was wanting to work with me. I got around three I believe. Im just researching, studying, giving offerings and trying to meditate. I’ve gotten a few dreams from Him that I’m still trying to decipher and messages as well since I only heard part of them.

That’s really cool! You have a lot of tools and in depth about a lot of things then. A jack of all trades sorta thing?

I do tarot(still learning it tho) I’ve just started pendulums, and cinnamon stick divination. I guess dreams sorta lumped into there? I don’t do dream work but I get a lot messages, signs, and stuff from dreams.

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Definitely a jack of, well, many trades anyway :slight_smile:

Nice, dreamwork is both very powerful and very personal. The trick is to keep it real when the conscious hates uncertainly and wants to identify everything, and that’s not always doable right away. Dream journals are invaluable, sometimes you read back over a dream from years ago and find it makes perfect sense in retrospect, that’s pretty cool. :slight_smile:

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I agree! I’m still learning to decipher certain ones tho. It do be an ah ha moment whenever the dream makes sense later, I’ve had a couple of those lol.

Do you do art too? Is your avatar your artwork? It looks really cool

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