New here

hello all, i am new here and new to trying to use magick and demon summoning and am trying to find my way around the forum so forgive me if i make a mistake :sweat_smile: my name is T Bird and im in the southern United States and look forward to interacting and learning from you all.
thank you!

Welcome. Is there anything you’re looking to learn? Anything you’re not interested in?

hi! honestly im open to just about anything…my main focus right now is trying to contact a demon to help me in getting an ex back and a few other things…i have tried for a very long time and have used a ouija board as my main tool but i feel like that was nothing more than a falsehood… i did recently obtain a board that i do feel has a bit more to it and it has sigils used by aleister crowley carved into the wood but again i am still unsure. i have been trying meditation as an invocation method but do find it hard to clear my mind and relax due to many factors. any and all advice or tips are more than welcome!

You may want to give this a read or two
Simple English Demonic Evocation Guide - New Magician Help & Introductions - Become A Living God

Hello there TBird, welcome to the forum :wave:t5::slight_smile:

Welcome to the BALG forum.

awesome thank you!

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@norse900 i will thank you!

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No worries, man. It’s a good read.

Welcome tbird.