New here. Walking my own path

Hello to every mage here.

I’m a new guy here trying to learn about the energies of the goetia side and the fallen angels. I’m already working with St. Michael. So I’m not at all picking any paths here…

I’m also not looking to beg for sex from demons or try to get them to hurt someone. But learn the “hardcore” and nasty truths.

I’m also trying to learn evocation in astral dreams (still in progress).

My evocations otherwise include very minimal rituals or garments, because I have strong energy and psychic energy and I can get to trance easily.

Cheers guys.


Welcome @mahounie

Where are you from?

What, exactly, do you practice, and how long have you been practicing it?

Do you have any experience or initiations in specific systems or traditions?


I don’t really “practice”. I kind of develop my skills, consciousness and awareness, psychic power and energies. So it’s my own set up. I’m getting in to the goetia and Simon Necronomicon (interested in the Babylonian stuff)

I’m looking to strip all things down to it’s core concept and practice with minimalism.

Thanks for asking.

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…there are a great deal of people that have issues getting men/women on their own and turn to spirits for assistance. Everyone is here for their own personal reasons, and what I love about this place is we don’t judge those that “beg” demons for sex or seek revenge with the help of a spirit.

Welcome to the forum :wave:t4::blush:


And how long have you been “developing” your own thing?

I don’t judge I’m skeptical it’s a free meal and not an exchange where one is not aware of the whole deal.

So a lot of energy work before not related to magic but through spontaneous experiences became interested in what is this stuff. This is only couple of months back.

But man I see magic as a kind of a stepping stone where if you get caught up with the results and what you get you remain in lower level, in my path at least. I don’t know if this makes sense?

I just keep expanding awareness, play and keep poking with my stick at stuff (phrasing…)


Thank you for elucidating more, and welcome to the BALG forum.

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You can’t really separate magick and energy working, they’re the same thing eventually, what changes is the intention.

Are we using “phrasing!” now? Yay, I’m psyched! lol

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Yeah man essentially why I’m here


Demons often have their agendas, yeah, but whos to say they’re always in opposition with yours?

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They’re probably exactly aligned with the you of now and that might be a problem. The you of now might not be able to help himself and is just dragging himself lower and lower and they are just empowering that. It’s also a possibility that something bad will happen to you or someone close to you in consequence, but I wasn’t even talking about that.

Getting what you want and getting that now might be the worst thing for you…

Having a demon to take a possession of someone to satisfy your ego or dopamine fix doesn’t make you powerful at ALL. Taking the hard road and working them with your psychic powers and aura work (lustful aura) etc. etc. could be more fruitful in long run (I’m not against active sex life or mastery of that field or anything like that)

Just generally I have learned my lessons in other fields that the modern “fast food”, getting something for nothing is a terribly naive attitude to enter anything new.


Haha. You should really read my Project On The World post, I think you’ll see what I meant.

I feel ya bro bro shit man ive been into Goeta for the past three years been practicing for lil over a year now i have my own that i follow but also others that follow me in the background that help me on my journey. Tarot ive been doing for about a year two months ago i picked up a orical deck., pendulums are nice too. Im just starting out using my own spiritual / magickal strength with chant spells. Ive done some spells with ones that i work with and also tried love spells but they aways seem to back fire lol like i know i can use my own energy for destruction but i dont. All i ask from my guides is to take care of the ones that wanna do me harm. And by all means they do. Lol the first thing that i started out with was building a relationship with them. I did a karma chant the other night under the moon and it turned out pretty well i did it in general tho i didnt say it about one certain individual. Unlocking your chakras i think is one of the best things you van do to help make yourself stronger and one woth the universe and Elders as i call them. And eventually youll be able to feel them around you. See the changes they make in your life. All you need to do is give a lil initiative and they will guide you threw the rest and help in ways you couldnt imagine. But you have to help yourself first. They will put things in front of you that you dont wanna deal with, put barriers up and make you work on your worst fears. But in the end your life will change for the better. If you ask for something they will provide. Happy Journey My Brethren. Be safe and dont ever let them intimidate you they see that as a weakness and will take advantage. Cuz once you open up that side of the Realm there are things that will attack you, try to take you off your grind. Safe travels Brother


I like this. Even if the techniques may differ the general path and mental attitude seems exact. All the best to you brother on your path! Cheers

Yeah im not traditional at all lol i feel the only way to go is on your own use your own power and strength and let them guide you in a direction to go. My throat chakra needs some insite so i cant receive messages by ear. But i can see smell and disassemble signs that they leave me wether its numbers or colors there are many i could go on lol. Ive only herd Lilith once she spoke to me it was something i can say the least. But she has really changed and transformed my life into where im at. Its really amazing. She is my patron but i have others. Thaey are all amazing to say the least.