New here and looking for the real

I am god as is everyone who chooses to remember

אני אלוהים
ich bin Gott
I am God


It doeant matter how you say your God. As long as you know that you are divine thats all that matters. When you fail to know what you are thats where all these labels, limited concepts and lack of control come from.

We live in a world of forms though, so to interact in that world of forms we take forms, our actions take forms, and anything beyund the indefinable and unlimited Source energy will have qualities, which means it will have things that it IS, and things that it is NOT. :thinking:

So with respect, your argument that people are limited misses the mark for many of us, because in order to dance ballet, once does not learn how to operate a backhoe digger; this doesn’t mean ballet is limiting, it just means that it is a specific thing with qualities, “is” and “is not.”

That said, some of us are adept at walking both, this is the essence of “subjective synthesis” described by E.A., that one adopts the belief system necessary for the changes one wants to create - chosing the qualities to interact with the world of forms. Doing the ballet when in satin slippers, driving the backhoe when in rigger boots.

I posted some material about this on on here and like many here, I happily flip between nigh-on religious devotion to some beings, to absolutely seeing my individuated self as the Self. I posted about use of conventional demonic evocation in that process here.

Even the early demonic grimoires require the magician to assume some self-identity with God, and the PGM tend to walk to that point through taking god forms (is, is not) so what may appear limiting, changes when comprehended differently.

I’m curious, what was your first experience with (insert whatever term you use for making changes to reality in conformity with your Will)?

What got you onto this path? :smiley:


I remember breaking from my body after a tunnel of Violet and like a pearl color extended from my 3rd eye then as I drifted with the tunnel I began to watch as everything become me and as thus happened I wall of light started at the end of my vision and rushed across the existence of me and all their was left was me as light and as i started to react to the moment I watched my light become everything as I thought of it and sense then ive been awhere of the world as myself no difference. All i have to do to create or manifest is to want it with the love that I am.

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All my point is that anymore then ones own intention is taking extra steps

So, every magician and shaman and priest and mage (etc) in all of human history was completely wrong, and you alone have it right?

Okay. :wink:

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No im sure its all lead up to this the evolution of ourselfs, one must light a path so others can learn am i wrong is everything suppose to stay the same or does life hold forth opportunity for the growth

But the ideas you are stating are found way back, that the self and Self are one and the same. Religions who teach that warn of “distracting siddhis” aka magickal powers to be had as one approaches and then attains true Self-realisation. :thinking:

I don’t want to demean your own personal path, because I think it’s great, but please also take care not to demean what others are doing just because you don’t understand why they do it. I’ve walked that direct route and experienced those siddhis so I’m not speaking theoretically here.

People want different things from life, therefore their work takes different forms. the idea we must all want the same thing and anyone who doesn’t want that is deficient doesn’t really sit well with magicians, it’s more the territory of religions to insist on conformity.


I didnt mean anything as disrespect I only speak from the love I have

It’s kind of a “show, don’t tell” deal round here, so if you post techniques that other people can try, that will do more to convince anyone of the value of your ideas than simply claiming they’re limited, and passing on those limitations. We could argue all day about that and get nowhere.

We have a history of members posting tutorials (you can see some fine examples listed here, and there are many more to be found on the forum) and if you can translate your own methods into something others can understand and use, that’s a constructive contribution, instead of simply pointing out what you think is a deficiency in other people’s work, or comprehension.

“Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door”! :wink:


All I can say is its to unconditionaly love what is as yourself cause we are

The only “real” is your truth and what works for you. Everything else from me or anyone on here is personal experiences and theories. I say theory because what is concrete for some is a shot in the dark for others. The only truth for all is meditation, visualization and energy practice.


Every one is on a different path of life I don’t see how speak to demons/angels is a waste or a limitation. It takes real power to see hear and feelthose in other realms as most here can and exceed in it I myself have personal reasons what my connection with my entity intails that’s my own business but I have done other things with a huge amount of success that has nothing to do with sigil magic spirits ECT you can not judge people about what they are doing if you your self have no clue the best way to show love is to teach and hand down what you know to others and learn from them as well balg is well I call every one here family even tho not by blood every one here works hard on their path no matter new or old to balg it’s extremely exciting to read new stories about others experience so at least try to see the level here no one is limited we are gods of our own design


Not sure if you’re a troll or not but I agree with what you said about humans being divine, we’re naturally spiritual beings connected to an ultimate source of power but something you must understand is that there are many ways to connect to that source of power, if someone uses demons or any type of spirit it doesn’t matter because it all is to create tangible changes in our physical lives. We live in this physical plane and live as physical beings and the purpose of it all as physical beings is to enjoy and partake in what this world has to offer, but not forget the spiritual because we are creatures of duality. I do think lots of practioners limit themselves but not in the way you say, it’s more of the lines of the magickal systems they use, it’s like drinking from a well that has no end but they only drink and see the surface not knowing how deep it goes but if it works for them there’s no need to judge. The magickal system of where I’m from is very potent and fast working than what most do here but it’s like that with all tradional forms of magick. My main purpose of joining this was to learn newer techniques so the tradional form would require less paraphilia for personal use and maybe share it when if it works. If you are the person you say you are then your energies can be put forward into helping everyone here reach a higher path than they are now.

What ive decided is I want to know more about how and why magics are done by others the ways their done the reason cause their all part of what is my Path so I want some people to help round me so I can help teach what I’m saying to whoever would like the knowalge I jave to share

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Why would you want to talk to angels or demons instead of embodying what it is that your aiming for

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Welcome to the forum. Just stick with that. This is the place just for that. Please do. We are open to listen to what you have to share and teach.

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To gain the knowledge that they have and open up my sense to make it easier to gain teachings that they can give to help improve your ability and and to also improve my life and just cause they’re freaking awesome that’s why why would anyone not want to talk to them work with them they are great mentors and have alot to offer and teach