Royal Purple's Advice

·Be Respectful
E.A. (Archaelous) created a place for us together and learn from each other.

·No Showboating
We each have titles and powers and you don’t have to hide them, but don’t think you are coming into a common place either.

·Tone of Voice
Do not be uppity.

·Offering Something Different
Just take a few moments out and think how your principality is going to be received here and how you are the public face of your domain.

·How to Vibe
This forum as its own way of doing things. If you can be nice, non-haughty, and realize you have to earn a place at the table then you might be seen and heard with all your titles in their full glory.

I consider this online forum a part of Archaelous domain. So please contemplate this is the online land (part temple to some) of a god incarnate. So please act with tact (diplomacy).


Im not sure what this is …its sounds like your giving us all your own set of rules ?


Advice. More like advice it seems…

Some just need to be reminded from time to time how to act. The same we were taught by our parents and in kindergarten.


It really does boil down to having tact and empathy. It brings this sense of YOU having the ability to recognise their emotions, thought faculty and kindly working around that. People feel relieved around this kind of company as it doesn’t belittle, or judge. It just works.

Although I can say life for the high empathy male is an avalanche at times, it has guided me with steady charm and relationships.

And as Mark Twain has said, it’s easy to get an idea of someone by adjectives he uses in his sentences. :slight_smile:

It’s places like this that can attract roleplayer at times. But which place doesn’t really.


I use my titles and i fully earned them all and anyone who reads through all of my threads and posts will see that.

And i dont plan on changing who i am or my titles any time soon.

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Ngl, kind of ironic when you had cases of being uppity. No offense but either you’re hyping EA like some weird VSCO girl or you’re claiming no one here is “more powerful than EA” while this site does seem based on EA, atleast the part where people waste tons of money on, I find the forum aspect is the domain of everyone who actively contributes to the knowledge and development of it, because without them this forum is practically nothing. If you look at the posts and information shared here, it’s from every individual’s personal gnosis of things and them lending a hand to one another, not EA posting anything.


If I want to totally fangirl on E.A. on his own forum I fucking can. The books he and the others write keep the lights on here. We are fucking lucky we have the freedom we do have here.

I personally surprised there isn’t any hardcore fans here that would ran out the haters from the forum. Lucky there isn’t.

Side note. You better believe E.A’s energy is here and active. I have wanting to post more Archaelous stuff, but I was told not to. He as his spiritual domains and empires. We are lucky to have E.A. on earth.

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You don’t really have to I don’t really benefit from anything EA does, and yes you are lucky he is on this earth, but whether he’s here or there, or any where else it doesn’t really affect me. My point being, your “rules” are pretty ironic given how you act and treat others on a forum that is suppose to be EA’s. However, I stick to what I said, the members if anything their energy runs through this forum more than his, as they are the ones that put the most attention into it, people like Lady Eva, DarkestKnight, and so forth.

This post just seems like an attempt to box people into your own fantasy and worship of another human being. “dont be uppity” when you yourself are uppity, no showboating, when you yourself claim what you claim outside of public eyes and how you view people on this forum, my point being your actions contradict your imaginary rules. You may worship whoever you please but maybe I’m the only one who sees the clear deluded view in this and want to speak on it, dont confuse people who have more important things in their practice with haters.

Don’t forget there are way bigger fish than EA, you can play worshipper, but don’t toss the other people on this forum aside when you have a long way to go.


Really? Where are they? I don’t see them doing shit. The planet is dying.

E.A. as pushed reality and this entire timeline forward by himself.

In truth E.A. is only downplaying himself for normies humans that can’t comprehend his truest Self.

I fucking know the real him from other timelines and lifetimes from seeing his full powers unleashed first hand. THAT’S WHY I 100% RESPECT HIM.

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Where is this proof that EA has done anything for this timeline? don’t give me that “open your eyes and see the world” because the world has been the same as it was years ago.

I have never seen EA come on here or in his videos make such grandiose claims that you have placed on him, your word is not his word. It honestly just seems like EA is letting whatever random individual create whatever fantasy of him because he himself like everyone else has more important things to do with their own development.

But one can only go off of what you make up about him, so if this is your view of him that’s fine, but you tend to have this mentality that he is some supreme being that everyone should just bow down to, I can’t tell if you’re delusional or just clinging to someone who is just more advanced than you in hopes of gaining some kind of popularity adjacent.

I don’t really care if you worship the man, my only issue is how you tend to put everyone else on this forum below him and yourself, it’s honestly a hard facepalm. I’ve felt energy more potent and well worked out from a handful of people on here beyond your own.


Here is a few tips of my own:

  1. Be familiar with the forum’s rules. They can be found here: BALG RULES - Please read them!

  2. The search option is tremendously helpful when used, especially when looking for information on popular spirits like Lilith or Azazel. Granted there will not be necessarily everything on the forum but it is a good first step before posting to prevent the blog from getting bogged by the same topics.

  3. We are here to network and grow individually, not do magic for others beyond our private side gigs or as practice. Most of us are more of the teaching a man how to fish as opposed to giving him one type.

  4. Don’t take everything by face value, including my own posts (as I call myself the mad sorcerer for a reason). If you find something unusual or questionable, test it out for yourself. This is how we grow as individuals. Also, don’t take things personally. Just like in life outside of the forum, there will be people who disagree with you. Honestly, those who don’t can provide room for thought and growth when it done outside of trollish behavior and with the right attitude from the receiver. An intelligent person can entertain thoughts without necessarily accepting or denying them.

  5. Enjoy yourself. Yes, the occult can be a very serious and powerful study, but if you do not enjoy life and have fun, what is the point?

Of course, this is just my own two cents and should be taken as it is.


What’s it to you? Why are you even on my thread bothering me for? I am not even close to the person you are trying to paint me out to being.

I stick to my own threads about the entire E.A. thing or mention him on others when they mention him too.

What’s your deal?

You don’t like what I post then don’t read my threads or just block me. That is pretty simple.

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Because you placed rules and I commented on them, besides I’ve spoken to you 1 on 1 remember, so it’s not me painting you in any way besides what you have presented, we’ve spoken before.

Also no you really don’t lol I’ve seen you comment in multiple threads not your own but that’s not important, I simply find it weird you’d make these rules up when you don’t follow them.

As for blocking, to block you would mean that I am upset or dislike you, but no, I can completely discuss without actually letting my emotions get riled up. Resorting to blocking shows a lack of being able to discuss anything.

However, you have what I had to say, take it as you will or not at all.


I made this as tongue in cheek for rude newbies coming in demanding and thinking they roll up in as the golden calf and we are all supposed to worship them or for the overly demanding one too asking for super powers.


Didnt you say dont be uppity?

Also I refuse to view this place as a temple lol.


It’s the truth. You take your dog to the dog park. You take your E.A. fangirl to this forum and let her run around fanning on E.A. every night and day.

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