New GOM book release on Enochian magick by damon brand

He just release a new book today called success magick. I might check it out as i have no idea what enochian magick is. lol


Very important news are these.


Enochian magick is a complex, and very powerful, system of angelic magick, that was delivered to John Dee and his seer, Edward Kelly, in the 16th century.

It is where the Enochian Keys come from that some black magicians use in their rituals.

I dabbled in it previously, before finding EA’s work, so I might check Brand’s book out.

Thanks for mentioning it!



alright. A new book to ask some guy to buy me. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
thanks for the info

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u mean manipulate or brainwash. not ask. lol

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How to order the book? It is not yet listed here.

It’s available on Amazon.

I just bought it.


This is pretty exciting, I am for sure checking this out. For anyone curious about the history of Enochian magick by the way, I really enjoyed the book John Dee and the Empire of Angels by Jason Louv.

Also, for those who like to read the GOM articles, they kinda snuck this one out at some point below the radar. I still need to read all of it, but this looks like a pretty good one.


U refresh their site and u see it.
amazon got both kindle and actual book version.

well… as long as they’re being payed right? Besides… i put some effort lol

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And u made a typo. lol a funny one. you left out the word ‘for’ . i don’t think you mean that you’ll exchange/barter a book for someone to buy you. haha.

I don’t know if reviews are allowed, but if they’re, care to write one? I’m really interested in this.

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oh gosh… i thought your type only hanged on youtube.


what type is that? i don’t do youtube. =o)

i’m sure lots of review will be on amazon when more people get results.

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I’m reading the book now. It’s quite interesting. Brand really does have a talent for simplifying such a complex subject.

Note: Just glancing at the sample sigils in the theory part of the book, the circle of Enochian letters started rotating. :flushed:

Don’t know if it means anything, but it makes me dizzy lol


A decription:

There is no such thing as a simple ritual to make you an overnight success. This is a system of magick. It is far more than a list of rituals that solve problems. You integrate a successful pathway into your life.

The great secrets of magick were delivered to a genius mathematician in the sixteenth century. After that, the magick was locked away for many years, then found again and shared in secret. Occultists are beginning to unravel these secrets to the point where they have become practical.

The methods described here are based on a lifetime studying and exploring success, combined with the wisdom of the Enochian Angels.

Whether you are tired of the struggle, battling against competitors, finding it difficult to start or finish a project, uncertain of what to do with your life, or straining to get where you want to be, this book presents a form of magick that can unlock your dreams.

Whatever your age or experience, and no matter what you have gone through before, it is never too early or too late to find success. From this point on, you can choose the life you have always wanted.

With this magick, you can compress time, improve fortune, and open opportunity in a way that cannot happen without magick.

Enochian Magick reveals an underlying power in the universe that can bring you the success you desire. This book shows every step you need to take.

People may tell you that you cannot use Enochian Magick, but the angels said otherwise. They said that magick should be used. We were told to use this magick to understand and experience its power. That is what you can do now.

You don’t need any equipment or special magickal skills. You only need a private space where you can perform the magick.

Centuries ago, in a set of strange and fascinating circumstances, the angels revealed an encoded magickal system to Doctor John Dee, a friend and advisor to Queen Elizabeth I. This secret magick was nearly taken by the flames of the Great Fire of London. It survived, and has slowly been recovered, examined, explored, and experienced.

Enochian Magick is no longer a historical curiosity but the essence of practical magick. Give it your attention, and it can open you up to a life of success.


The bit i struggle with here, and the bit I cant imagine is of the same path, is this:

Dee’s Fundamental Obeisance mentiones the names below of god… i cant help feel this is not what he imagined

  • Starting in the north, draw a banishing bluish-black earth pentagram.
  • Vibrate MOR DIAL HKTGA (He who burns up iniquity without equal).
  • Charge the pentagram with vital-force.
  • Turn to east and draw the fourth part of a circle around yourself with your stretched hand.
  • Draw a banishing blood-red air pentagram.
  • Vibrate ORO IBAH AOZPI (He who cries aloud in the place of desolation).
  • Charge the pentagram with vital-force.
  • Turn to south and draw the fourth part of a circle around yourself with your stretched hand.
  • Draw a banishing lily-white fire pentagram.
  • Vibrate OIP TEAA PDOKE (He whose name is unchanged from what it was).
  • Charge the pentagram with vital-force.
  • Turn to west and draw the fourth part of a circle around yourself with your stretched hand.
  • Draw a banishing scaly-green (scales of a dragon!) water pentagram.
  • Vibrate MPH ARSL GAIOL (He who is the first true creator: the horned one).
  • Charge the pentagram with vital-force.
  • Turn to east and draw the last part of the circle around yourself with your stretched hand.

Third Part, Calling of the elemental powers :

In the north: ICZHHCA (He who solidifies the past).
A bluish-black angel, a formless mass, emanating condensation and inertia.
In the west: RAAGIOS (He whose hands are toward the east).
A cataract, flowing and changing forms, a green, scaly angel with leathery wings, mussels.
In the south: ELDPRNAA (He who is first to receive the flames).
A flaring fire, a lily-white angel with white wings and a fiery blade in his hand.
In the east: BATAIVA (She whose voice seems to have wings).
A cyclon, an eagle - a bloody red angel with a feather in her hand.


Ah from another reference, it appears my suspicions of were justified.

Dee and Kelly claimed they learned the secret language of angels which was spoken by Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden as well as Enoch. But the language itself phonetically merely resembles a liguisitic corruption of Hebrew, and the letters appear to be taken from the English Alphabet. It’s not hard to see Dee and/or Kelley simply made the whole thing up.

Sometimes when examining this history criticaly, it's hard to say who was conning who in this one, but it appears Dee was being conned by Kelly. Kelly told Dee the "angels" had said they needed to do some "wife swapping", and since Dee's wife was 20 years younger, Kelley got the better deal. It’s not hard to see the real motive behind that  “Angelic revelation”.  People have been using the occult to trick niaeve people into sex in ancient times, just as they do today.


Kelley warned Dee the “angels” they were talking to were really demons, and that angles had told him their goal was to destroy humanity! Some of the things Kelly and Dee claimed the angels revealed to them seemed to echo Gnostic heresy of earlier times, so assuming Kelly’s alarm was for real, it was justified.
In John Dee’s diary for June 8, 1584, he states that the spirits attempted to persuade Kelly:

  • That Jesus was not God.
  • That no prayer ought to every be made to Jesus.
  • That there is no sin.
  • That man’s soul goes from “one body to another chiildes quickening or animation” (transmigration of souls).
  • That as many men and women as are now, have always been alive upon the earth (a scientific impossibility which can easily be proven a lie)
  • That the generation of mankind from Adam and Eve, is not a History, but “a writing which has another sense”.
  • That there was no Holy Ghost.
  • They Enochian “angels” would “not suffer him to pray to Jesus Christ; but would rebuke him, saying, that ‘he robbed God of his honour, etc.’”

Clearly these spirits that Kelly contacted sound more like Demons than Angels! In Gnostic cults, sometimes God and the devil were given role reversals.

One day a “spirit” informed Dee and Kelly that the Enochian spirits that, rather than wanting to bring mankind enlightenment, they wanted to bring about the destruction of mankind! Yet Dee still wanted Kelly to keep invoking the spirits.

To this day, people who practice Enochian magick believe that someday, someone will come up with the right combination and unleash the Enochian demons that will bring about the apocalypse. Common sense would derive from this that the Enochian angels are actually demons who seek to harm mankind!

Dee’s fortune did not last. He spent the final years of his life stripped of his honors and income and was forced to live incommunicado. He died in extreme poverty at the age of 81. If the inventor of Enochian magic couldn’t make it work for him, what chance does anyone else have?

Kelley didn’t wind up rich or powerful, didn’t have magic powers, nor does anyone else who practices Enochian “magic”.

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