New GOM book on the Genius spirits & Angels of Omnipotence!

…by Adam Blackthorne. Just got the notification of its release today. Been waiting for this for ages! He is my favourite GOM author and I’ve had more success with his books than Damon Brand’s generally.

Anyone got it yet? Just off to download the Kindle version…


Can you send me the link i cant find it

It’s here:

The links to buy on Amazon are beneath the post.

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Just reading the introduction and Adam makes a suprising claim - that both the Genius spirits and the Angels of Omnipotence are actually servitors that were created by a group of occultists a long time ago! Anyone else ever heard that?


I call absolute BS on that. I question a lot of Blackthorne’s claims. He doesn’t seem as knowledgeable as Brand and his books aren’t as good.


Agreed, my eyebrows raised quite abruptly at that claim. The hexmeisters of old to Mr Geof Gray-Cobb himself as well as more recent authors like Damon Brand and Jareth Tempest might disagree with that characterization.

My own experience in working with these beings for going on two years now definitely does not point to them being servitors.


Nice. I had understood that Magickal destiny was to be the last book gom we’re going to release, so this is a nice surprise.

Over 600 pages. Will keep me busy tonight.
It’s been out for two days and hasn’t yet been flooded with 5 star reviews :slight_smile:

I’m hoping it’s less emotional transmutation dependent than his other works as I struggle with that greatly. Looking forward to giving it a go though


That was my understanding too. I’m guessing Blackthorne saw the popularity of Jareth Tempest’s book and decided to capitalize on it by releasing his own.

Edit: I’m surprised it was Blackthorne and not Corwin Hargrove that released a book on the Angels of Omnipotence because for a while there, after the Gallery would release a book, Hargrove would then release something similar. He released Universal Magick, his take on Enochian, soon after Brand released his Enochian Success Magick, for example.


I must admit I was very surprised to read this and have not heard it elsewhere. I have the opposite opinion, though - I’ve always preferred Adam to Damon, but thats my personal choice. He says that documents that came into the possession of the GOM say this re: them being servitors.

im a fan of gom.and i start practice with their books and stil work with some of them

But,the last two books(magickal destiny and this)
simply not my taste.

Yea, I never got on with Magickal Destiny either. Did not feel anything with it. Have you already read this one though?

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Yeah, that’s actually a very common story used by occult authors whenever they make claims that cannot be verified. EA Koetting did the exact same thing in the intro to his first book, Kingdoms of Flame. By claiming the information comes from some mysterious document that no one else has ever seen, it is supposed to give their claims more occult legitimacy because, after all, who doesn’t want to be privy to “hidden” information.


Still going to read the book even at the face of an absurd claim like that


If made a few attempts with this book. Usually I do protocol one for a few weeks and then forget.

no i dont.only the free sample from kindle.

I probably will too, though I’m not much of a fan of Blackthorne’s writing. Such claims don’t mean the magick in the book doesn’t work; it’s basically just a way to pique the reader’s interest.


A strange claim in my opinion : they are servitors (…) threaded together by occultists to forge a direct connection to the greatest Angels and Archangels.
This is probably to make them fit into the Blackthorne chaos magic system.

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This is looking like a really interesting system. I’ve read up to the descriptions of the powers so far, about 80 pages in. I’m looking forward to working with it, I’ll likely start this weekend.
The sigils are a very different design style to anything I’ve seen previously… kind of like someone spilled coffee on a paper cut out of a CD :slight_smile:


Just a few minutes ago, I saw that this new book has been published. So far, I’ve only worked with Damon Brand, especially with “Magickal Protection” (which yielded good results for me) and with the 72 Angels of Magick (without any results till now). I had taken a look at Adam B’s books, but his approach seemed very superficial and heavily infused with New Age ideas (not to mention Zanna Blaise… even worse). Because of this, I’m pondering whether to get the book or not.
So… if it’s about looking at sigils, emotional transmutation, or pathworking, I could really do without it, as these methods don’t resonate with me at all. However, if it’s something more concrete and programmatic (like the 72 AoM, if you know what I mean), then I will definitely purchase it!
@Ragepanda, @DarkestKnight how does the style of this work seem to you? :thinking:


Okily, to address things point by point:

Yep, I still use the sword banishing twice daily and do the 33 day master protection ritual every year or so myself.

I didn’t get much out of Master Works of Chaos Magick. But I think that it was that there was very little in it that was new to me. If I had no knowledge or experience, I think it would have been of more value.

111 Sigils of Power and Transformation was a bust for me. I will point out that many people have had great success with this text. The problem for me is that it is 99% based on emotional transmutation, a skill that i presently don’t have.

I found that the ritual to heal a damaged relationship, the ritual to clarify bonds of love and the ritual relating to more and better friendships in Angels of Love were effective when I got the hang of them.
Her other book (can’t remember the title) was not effective for me. But I believe that that is because I am epicly bad at emotional transmutation, and that is the core mechanic of that book.

It does involve some sigil gazing.
There is an element of emotional transmutation in that it involves generating the emotion of gratitude. This is the part that I will personally find challenging. I am not good at generating positive emotions at will. I have worked on this for many years, but it seems my brain just isn’t wired that way.

I am looking forward to trying this one out though. It appears, on the face of it at least, that emotional transmutation, although being part of the process, is a lesser feature. I guess I’ll just give it a go and see what happens.