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Hi all , I’m completely new to all of this but am willing to learn and expand my mind , I believe in a spiritual world , and I am very open minded , I feel very strongly connected to animals and wildlife and seek to connect spiritually with them, any advice and guidance is welcome , Thankyou


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To get you started, check out the basics here:

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Welcome ! I love wildlife and animals also they are a great add on to energy work. I work with animals for profession and magickally feel free to ask questions.

Are there any animals u feel are easier to connect to ?

Yes,members of the Canidae family (dogs, wolves, fox, ect).They,animals in general,are great for healing work and and other practiculum because you can see measurable and un biased results with them. For me personally, having a session with an animal is as healing if not more as other energetic treatments. I recommend starting with the animals you live with or in your area so you can have daily sessions. If you already have a pet you are most likely already connected telepathically whether you realize it or not.

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How do u recommend I start a ‘session’ I am completely new to all of this

Barbatos is helpful regarding communication with animals.


Barbatos is linked with animal communication…what is your background with magick and goals?

I have no background, I few paranormal encounters but no real background, I just hope to expend my mind and gain new skills and connect with the spiritual side

I would start with the working with energetic body that is going to be your driving force through all you do. Meditation , Chakra work, A healing modality might be helpful to follow.


Try meditation.

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Welcome :blush:

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