New Avatar power IT is Safe?

hello everyone got into my hands book of Avatar power pretty popular what i heard i would like to know if you need some protection when using this book if this book is safe … i tried magickal cashbook by damon brand work with Nitika And for me it didn’t work so I thought to try this NAP it seems to me that it’s much more popular than magickal cashbook

First off, @lady_eva has had some experience with this

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Lady Eva is a great expert in many things, so perhaps she can also give her view, As far me, I’ve done a good deal of the rituals and they have been very safe in my experience. There is also a protection ritual that aides in that end. Make sure you read the entire book before beginning.

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Totally safe to use! Just make sure to read it to completion. Ive used multiple of the rituals and have found them all to be quite successful and generally solid to remember and practice! Really just a good magick book that helps to build a solid foundation for future endeavors.


I like to hear :hugs: how long it takes to get results

Well I think it kinda depends, I felt like it started working instantly with the NAP ritual at the beginning of meditation. Each chant or invocation, I felt at least started working a day after first done, however it was important not to think about any desired results during my waking life, and I did my rituals for at least 3 days in a rows or longer depending if anything arose as a sign and sometimes just to thank any spirit that had helped. On average, for me at least 3 days. Example: i did a general incantation for a better place to live and success in this from Elubatel in the chant to be successful. 3 days of performing this I called about a small house for rent, told it was only for students then almost as i was about to hang up the lady was like i have a town house for 425, 2 bedroom, shed out back, full kitchen and bath. I literally jumped up, and was like I can be there in 15 minutes to check it out. 2 days later i signed a new lease and I LOVE THIS PLACE! Its comfortable, and I have plenty of space to work, create, meditate, as well as space for my gf to do the same. Or for instance, 3 days prior to a road trip to Columbus Ohio, I did the success chant to Elubatel for safe travel and no harm to me, my passenger, and all on the road around me. I’m not the best driver, horrible ADHD and my car is older (2003 crv) but made it, drove around, went all over the state and even went on roads that would be nerve racking since its all s curves on an old coal mine. But i think 3 days is a good time frame of results, but again don’t worry. Somethings take a bit of time to build into, so possibly a week or longer. Just keep doing it each day, and write down anything and everything in your book of shadows. Little mondane things can be signs for something bigger happening, just be observant :):wink: I get alot of weird stuff like that, spine shakes, hair, rocks, or even smooth glass had just somehow near me, a butterfly landed on me I’m a little shy of 30 and that had never happened before.

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Wow alright thank you for the information :hugs::hugs: I am very curious I want to do the ritual with Nitika from this book I need at least $ 2000 so I hope that these rituals in this book will have no side effects

Start small with money. Like build each time, like an extra 50 by day (x) and then go further. Pay attention to your bills and expenses as well, things tend to change almost almost without changing at all, like wow the light bill had gone down by 25 dollars, oh i found a 20 while walking down the street, oh I won a 10 bucks on a 1 dollar scratch off. I feel like if its a big pay off it can seem like it doesn’t necessarily work, but bit by bit seems to work better.

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I’d like to echo what @aBetterHuman said. Firstly, I find it to be very safe. And you really do need to read it in it’s entirety at least a couple of times before you start to practice it. It’s absolutely paramount that you “buy” into the book/method 100% so that you “know” that what you’re doing is working and will work…hence the “cheesy” success stories that are scattered throughout the pages. I feel that they are there to reinforce the notion that other’s miraculous success will also be your success when you buy in.

Also, as someone who is very new to all of this, I appreciate the structure that it provides. It’s kinda forced me to practice a ritual daily, at the same time and place consistently. From banishing, to the trance work (NAP ritual, I actually now use other ways to hit the theta state but NAP helped me to realize the importance of the trance and this step) to an energy “power up” (Central Pillar Ritual) to an invocation, etc…it’s really helped me to focus and structure my work every evening, and I must say that I really like its version of the Central Pillar Ritual which really gets me charged up and helps with my energy and sensory awareness. For a beginner like me, I find it a really valuable tool.

Now, for me, working with Nitika, has yielded somewhat fast results. Maybe within a few weeks or so. However, If you’re looking for fast cash, nothing I’ve done has come close to the speediness of Dutchess Bune (but again I’m such a new rookie to all of this that I’m very limited in my experience in general)

So yeah, I see NAP as a great foundation for building and structuring my practice. In one session you could have banishing, trance work, a Golden Dawn type energy work, an invocation for money, success, health, etc, maybe pendulum or servitor work, protection or baneful attack stuff…it’s literally infinite the way you can stack things, which is great for the beginner.

I like it, it’s safe, works fairly quickly and helps me to structure my evenings effectively. Now, I’m more interested in other things but Orobas I feel, has led me to NAP and it provides for me what I need right now as a beginner


Now I looked into that book and the part with Nitika There’s nothing about exactly how much money I want just the chant

Well, the way that I approached that was to write down very explicitly what (how much) I needed, including an approximate time frame. Then start the ritual by …

-Uncrossing ritual to banish
-NAP ritual (or anything to get you into a trance). Go as deep as you’re able to
-Complete Central Pillar Ritual ending with the Bornless One (do that chant 3 times)
-Invocation for money. Now here you’ll want to perform this chant/ritual 3 times and after each time, you chant EXACTLY what you wrote down (your desired outcome).

While you’re chanting what you wrote, imagine that actually happening (you receiving the money or spending the money on things that you want/need) and how it feels to have and use that money.
-Perform the Dee Hay Tooth
-continue with other things or close out the ritual by coming back from the NAP trance and then the Uncrossing to Banish. That’s it

So, to repeat, while invoking Nitika for money, chant that invocation three times and after each time, chant the specific thing you wrote down, while imagining that happening and the feeling that it illicit’s in you.

Hope that helps @Kokot_Kiuh


Yes, it’s safe. It’s kind of incomplete as is and you may want to know a few things to dig deeper into it, but it’s a useful grammar.

Be sure to do the ritual DAILY until you manifest. Doing it once generally won’t get you the result you want.

Also, follow up with real world action to lock in your request.


Truth right there @Kokot_Kiuh follow up in the real world as well!! Hope all of this advice is gonna help you out man!


I will follow this advice but I hope it will be safe I didn’t know I have to do banishing

Reported side effects are depression from working with Elubatel, if you do a Google search for depression Elubatel you’ll find results about that, and ever-present possibility of vampiric attacks from using Abrahamic godnames, though that experience tends to be influenced by a number of factors, including pre-existing belief system.

Nitika definitely delivers, especially with “treasures” of other kinds, such as information and techniques.

That aside, I’m going to defer to @emperor as the person with more in-depth study of this. :pray:


The depression from working with Elubatel comes from her energy. She’s a Saturnine spirit, they usually have a heavy feel to them.

Originally, Elubatel, Elubatel, and Atuesuel were used in the Books of Moses to conjure Leviathan. As the Books say, ‘These are the high and powerful utterances which Moses employed in the awakening of the Leviathan, in order to compel him to serve his Lord. The whole is good, but not every one can obtain it in perfection without severe discipline.’ So there’s that.


There’s some nutters going round on their occult FB group claiming Elubatel is a demon. I have no idea where they got that from…

I’m sure, since you know every angelic force makes you feel great with love and every demon gives you the blues :roll_eyes: haha fucking facebook

but @emperor I didn’t realize that Elubatel was a spirit of Saturn, I have been performing at least a weekly part of my meditation for an evocation of Elubatel, and yeah i guess it could be a form of depression, rather I think its more of a form of ritual apathy. Like to help seperate the conscious mind from its desires and allows workings to take place, as to not dwell on results. It honestly feels very clear, like a nothingness of being. I guess also spending years working on being depressed and understanding what it is helps to make sense of those feelings.

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The ‘angels are good, demons are bad’ way of thinking is so juvenile and basic that it’s laughable, but some people really buy into that kind of bullshit. I’m thinking it comes from that.