New Avatar power IT is Safe?

Saturn energy is powerful for establishing new structure and order, but it’s rather severe. It manifests as depression, a heavy feeling, limitations and sometimes setbacks. You find you have to work very hard and the reward seems to be more work.

Not everybody is able to handle that, especially since most people doing money magick are looking for easy ways upward, rather than to become workhorses.

The thing that isn’t being said on all of these Elubatel workings is that Elubatel and her cohorts aren’t called to work directly in the Books Of Moses. Rather, Elubatel, Ebuhuel, and Atusuel act as bodyguards in calling Leviathan. When calling those spirits to work with Leviathan, their adverse energies are used to control that spirit. Working those three spirits without calling Leviathan, you get to deal with their energies yourself.

To do well in business with less hassle, work with Mercurial or Venusian planetary spirits, and Earth elements. The Saturn/Earth combination can be pretty harsh.


:thinking: you know that makes alot of sense, I’ve never used Elubatel for much more than to learn very tough lessons, to which it had been successful but very trialing in experience. Yeah to O.P definitely try some entities in relation to Mercury or Venus for business and wealth. i’ve spent a decent time channeling Saturn through painting, as a planetary force back about 6-7 years ago. Made some amazing paintings, but ultimately it taught me alot of hard lessons in life, relationship turned sour, dropped out of school, jobless, no where to live, but as a result it made me a stronger, more resilient, and knowledgeable individual who seeks growth.

You know Saturn gets a bad rep, but damn if i dont look back in remembrance with a silver lining on those storm clouds. But to @Kokot_Kiuh NAP is safe, and a great way to structure ritual, but I’d take @emperor 's advice on the spiritual forces. :slight_smile:

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Is it true that Nitika is a Spirit who brings precious stones and valuables as treasures?

Yes, they truly do, though sometimes this is metaphorical or symbolic.

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I’m just reading this book So I just start to chant words from this book every day and things start to happen ?

Well, if you read his descriptions, those show the kinds of things that can happen, though obviously he chose the most dramatic examples. :smiley:

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It is terribly interesting to fascinate sounds terribly simple It is strange if I imagine that every day I will chant these powerful words from that book and then suddenly things start to change we will see it … :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: do you think it will matter a lot if some of those words I say wrong because English is not my native language

No, that will not matter.

You would recognise your own name even if someone has a strong accent, and this is the same.


It’s safe! I’m using it… ok so my ex hasn’t magically fallen back to being with me but we are speaking and getting on well now (from total block) so I’m seeing progress and I’m beginning to detach from lusting after results… if someone better than him came along I would be happy now but I’m gonna keep on as as I’ve started and want to see it happening!

I get very physical sensations from the middle pillar ritual and I’m not even doing it at the same time everyday or how the book says - I visualise in my bed as if I’m standing up and doing LBRP etc but I do vibrate out loud

I haven’t experienced this tickling of the ant thing yet… or met my magic mentor but I do have faith there’s something working

Did you try the ritual for winning contest with Angelic mentor Labezerin in this book?

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I also want to know about Labezerin.