Never been so happy to be wrong

@Lillith_fan no problem :slight_smile:


Be careful with that one. Focalor is a killer. He can be called upon to destroy a relationship, though. If one of the two people are dead then consider the relationship destroyed, lol.


Yea, that had crossed my mind so I was planning on adding a caveat and requesting it be done without harm to the other party in the relationship. Do you think that would be ok?

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You never know until you try. But yeah, binding the action not wanted is definitely a good idea.


I’ve learned to be very specific in my requests - like a lawyer lol, to make sure I have all my bases covered and there is no way I can be misunderstood. :slightly_smiling_face: Because others more knowledgeable on this than me have said that demons in particular can take you literally if you’re not careful.


Yes. I used to find this difficult to understand at first, but then another occultist friend of minegave me the analogy of a rollercoaster. What do they do before plunging down? They have to gather momentum by going up really high first before falling. And the ones that have the biggest drops, have to climb the highest first. Then I got it and it totally made sense to me from a Magickal perspective.

Indeed, I’m witnessing this first-hand. I had some baneful work done on someone nearly 2 months ago, but it seems they are having a great time in their life right now. Divination has said the final outcome in the situation will be in my favour, so I’m taking it as the first stage of the curse actually working. The target has suddenly posted on social media about the great time they are having with their partner on vacation etc. But I know from divination that they are having problems. Which is partly what I requested, ending in their ultimate break up. Things are rarely what they seem on the surface when magick is underway…


How can I do this if I cant hear o see them in evocations? Ask them to reveal this in dreams, maybe?