Neutralising Emotions? Pendulum swing

Not the pendulum you use for divination

In my reading journal, a book I’m reading mentions the Kybalion talking about pendulum swing of emotions

Rythmic swing positive to negative and back again

Interested in how you use this to neutralise emotions

Someone explain this to me or give me a pointer?

I read the Kybalion a while ago. Def needs re-reading to absorb

I don’t think you do, it’s explaining that “this too shall pass”.
Neutralising and not honouring your emotions usually leads to them becoming suppressed, festering and causing blacks. Worse, it can lead to your subconscious, an aspect of which is your inner child, feeling neglected and that shuts down communication between you, which can negatively impact your magick. “The only way out is through.” Imo, let it be ok to feel, just try not to hang on and let them go.


Explained myself shit I think :joy:

I don’t mean neutralise altogether forever and not have any - emotions are really important to magick work

I mean wtf is the kybalion on about? I remember seeing something on pendulums of life or something when I was looking into Amorc ages ago and Im sure it was a way of being in harmony I guess that you just knew it goes one way then the other but could use it to your advantage

‘Neutralising and not honouring your emotions usually leads to them becoming suppressed, festering and causing blacks’

wouldn’t exactly apply in what I was looking for

It is mentioned to use other law to get above this one

To reach higher state of consciousness when the pendulum start his backswing
You can do so by meditation and being couscious that your mood/energy or anything else is starting to go into it’s low cycle

Once you notice it
It becomes more easy to overcome this period rather than endure it

I myself start to have more or less success with this simple method
Because once you’re aware that you’re going “backswing” you can accelerate the swing, give energy and concentration to push it as far then using the imaginary “momentum” to go back to a more normal state

In short, your shortening that refractory period
I have yet to attain the level to just bypass the swing

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Hmm so like you could go as far into negative on purpose bc you know it’s gonna push you the other way once you get there?

Used negative to mean bad here really for simplicity sake

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Did you also see:

I.e., face it, and work it. Like taking @anon352849657’s advice to help get through it in the most efficient, healthy way possible.

Hmn, some parts you might want to just endure. Accelerating some things could bring a level of intensity that would bring as much trauma as it fixes. :thinking: You described yourself as a stoic in another post if I recall correctly, so you already know all about this.

Most of the kybalion is common sense like this as far as I can tell.
Keep calm and carry on.

I’m trying to think about scenarios where bypassing it is better. I think that would apply if this was a self inflicted state based on ego, and wasn’t really real. If it’s embedded in your energetic system, as an energy worker I don’t see how one can just hope that away, but you can intend and work it away.


I’m baffled if I ever described myself as stoic :joy:

I might admire it but I don’t think I am

For some people that might be stupid, for others I’m not entirely sure personally if it is. Some of us like to learn things repeatedly till we drum it home and stop bothering :rofl:

Yeah I think perhaps it’s referring to spiritual ascension so that might be the part I’ve missed possibly to understand wtf it meant

In my book, ascension isn’t some mystical special state where everything just goes away and magically becomes easy.

It’s about understanding, yourself first, everything else. Which includes skill to use that understanding. When you know why you’re doing something and how it works, and have the right tools to affect ir, you are the master of it.

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Yeah it’s not in mine either… it’s hard work for a purpose

And exactly that- learning to master this experience we call life and beyond

Exactly get to the point where an emotion even a strong negative emotion is not an emergency and doesn’t need to be acted on. Accepting your emotions and being real with yourself is the only way through she’s 100% right.