Neutral spirits

Are there spirits names that cannot be classified or termed as demons, angels of gods, who are friendly and ready to work with human?
I will like to know some names and if possible where to find information about them as well as how to work with them. Share your ideas, they are welcomed.

So…if not demons, angels, or gods…what exactly are you looking for?





Animal spirits?


Yokai are another.


Which types are the yokai

Shinto entities.

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Archetypes? Never heard of the, but in some traditions of books they term the 72 demons as Djins.

Oh I got it now, their way of spiritism is not known by many. Some traditions try to keep their ways from others

Since I keep posting about servitors, I feel like I should throw them into the hat also-as spirits that do not fall into the classifications that you mentioned, depending on what they are formed to be like, they could be similar to anything listed above, or seem all together different as well.

Servitors/egregores are created spirits. (to sum it up in five words or less.)

No one mentioned Ubi’s, what classification are they by technicality? @anon48079295, @DarkestKnight

Succubus and incubus are species of demon.

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Thanks, I thought I’d read that somewhere, but wasn’t certain of the source or reliability. I just assumed since no one mentioned them, they had to be one of the already listed types lol.

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“Ubi 's” , what are they ?

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Succubus and Incubus combined into one term lmao. It’s a term I’ve only seen on balg, but I have to agree it’s faster typing.

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Sorry :slight_smile: I then realized, but thank you for your explanation…

my mind went to Obi Van… :slight_smile:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Obi one kinobeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (nah idk how you spell it)

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I have a separate topic dedicated to the Fiery World and the creatures living in it - Fiery World and its inhabitants: studying the highest flame

Maybe you will find something interesting here for you.