Negative vampirism effects


At first I was euphoric which was expected then came the bad effects of feeling my joints lock up and pain on my whole side of my neck whilst trying to vamp on someone using khaki heart chakra.

Anyone else experience this???

Did you cleanse the energy before you took it? You may have absorbed their issues. Otherwise that person could have been protected.

Person is not protected. I was thinking more of RA symptoms plus a headache. Joints hurt and it’s all on one side. I’ll definately try again regardless of the effects

Just whatever you do don’t feed on anyone with cancer until you can filter it perfectly. :slight_smile:

Qigong practitioners are taught to not even breathe in while touching other’s auras in case they pick up thier imbalances. Generally that’s why I think cosmic sources for qi cultivation are superior to human. Vamping sexual energy Yellow Emperor style being an exception.

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I agree with you. One has to admit though that even adept practitioners who vamp on others constantly are subject to their problems
Much like the show IZOMBIE


Can a Tigers eye stone be used to clean energy vamped from people so it would be safe to absorb?