Negative energies, evil and imposter spirits or demons

So this was originally a question for @Dralukmun based on the following quote, but I thought it would be better to open a whole new discussion for this:

I’m hoping to have an elaboration or examples as to what these types of agendas might be. This would help me (and other beginners who later read) have a better understanding of what one should be wary and vigilant of.

I mean growing up I was taught it’s forbidden to communicate with Jinn (Djinn) which is the Arabic word for demons, because they are evil. However, witch culture and places like these forums have persuaded me to believe that all that talk is just propaganda to keep the sheep in line, and most of the notable demons are not going to harm you. In fact, they’ll help you achieve your goals/desires.

But I haven’t fully understood who / what are the negative entities if the notable demons are “the good guys”… is it the peons?

Who are we exactly banishing and what benefit to they receive by targeting us? Are they just trolling us or do they gain something? Are they the same spirits who may be an imposter spirit during an evocation? I’ve read that they might fall in love with you or want to feed off your energy but I’d like to hear what others believe. For me, I reside more with the “feed on your energy” theory because often times I’d wake up at 3:00am (2am nowadays, cause I guess they don’t believe in daylight savings) and I would feel these bad vibes… sometimes accompanied by a nosebleed. I would still like to learn more about them and their motives as I continue to educate my self on ways and tools to get rid of them! :blush:

Okay let’s break this down a bit.

There are a vast number of spirits, all with their own desires. Some only want energy, which will go for any person who may be a source, regardless if they have an alliance or not. We call those parasites, although that is a broad definition. Some want to collect alliances for the sake of a larger goal such as a war, which is where Gods like Odin align. Some are sincere with wanting to help you out, although may drag you through the mud as they have a different view point on what is appropriate and what is not. And then there are others that will troll you because they can. It is hard to tell until you interact with them.

I understand this point of view, and once aligned with it myself. However, I have found out through experience that trying to brush over all spirits being either entirely “good” or “bad” is a mistake. Spirits beyond the ones created by people have the same free will as we do and can switch alliances at their own choosing. They are like people in that way. Whatever a spirit can do to another for us can easy be done to us as well if they choose to. Getting to know the spirit helps to know where you stand, but it is because of that potential to switch is why i recommend learning and working with them as opposed to relying entirely on them.

Depends on the situation. Sometimes it is the build up of energy we created, sometimes it is a parasite, and sometimes it is the spirit we called. Basically, anything that is interfering with our work. As far as what benefit, it once again depends on context. If they were “hired” by another magician, it would be whatever was given to them. If it is strictly from their own choice, amusement or spite is a possiblity (a similiar reason one may curse for example). Finally, there is that possiblity of trying to follow a specific task or pact we made with them, but not within the scope we deem as appropriate (such as trying to help bring more money in but having you lose your job and go through a period of unemployment to have you gain the hunger for that really competitive higher paying job that you did not have while in your previous one).

I do not believe they are always trolling us. Some certainly may, but many do seem to enjoy the energy, experience of this world and bonds created by individuals.

Well, imposter implies that they are not the ones we called, so that would be a no. Although imposter spirits can certainly throw wrenches into your working as well, which is why it is important to create barriers to block them out during evocation.

Look, I am not trying to paint a picture that all spirits are bad or not to be worked with, just as I don’t want to paint them all as good. I certainly am not suggestion one should be terrified while interacting with them either. In fact, I rather portray them as being similiar to people, with different systems of morality and view points that we may or may not align to ourselves. While parasites and imposters can seriously fuck things up, so can the real spirits, just as much as they can be helpful as well. I more or less trying to express that the same notion of caution should be used while interacting with them. Some will prove to be ones you can trust more than others, but you will also need to learn to stand on your own if that trust is ever broken. That is how you become your own soverign being, or god if we want to go down that line.


Thank you @Dralukmun for the breakdown and explanation. I’m now understanding they are indeed similar to us humans in terms of free-will and ideology.

Makes sense, I guess also that’s why blood is often offered since it’s full of our energy.

Aside from the LBRP and having tools on hand such as cleansing water, do you think one should learn other forms protection, specifically before summoning a notable entity?

A negative entity in my terms is anything that infringes on your free will

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What about solomonic talismans

1st pentacle of saturn strikes terror unto spirits

I think it would be very wise to do so, such as shielding and wards, as well as learning how to banish in various ways.

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