Help transforming my "straight" crush to my bisexual sex pet

I’ve worked with him a few times, and one thing I’ll highlight is, the second he arrives in your ritual space, you’ll know. It’s hard to put into words, but the feeling is something like a dark, heavy feeling of raw, unfiltered power. That might be part of why people get intimidated and afraid of him, but he won’t harm you so long as you are respectful. Respect is an absolute must, and he should be addressed as King Belial, especially when you first meet.

All you really need is his sigil, and optionally a candle. The sigil should be drawn by hand, and you should use a protractor or something circular to trace the circle - you want it to look crisp and clean. Also, I suggest chanting his enn while you gaze at the sigil. I also begin my sessions with a simple opening of the gates to Hell, using Crowley’s incantation “zazas zazas nasatanada zazas”.

You can also offer him something, especially if he agrees to help you. Blood offerings (just a drop taken with a lancet) are good if he does agree, as this would be considered a very large offering. Sex-based offerings are also good, and if you wanted to, you could even invite him to come when you do it with your crush, assuming you are successful.


Take a look at this thread:

Also, since you are new to magic, probably the most difficult part is going to be giving up your lust for results. But, I suppose if you’ve gone so long without contact, you can probably develop the patience to wait for the situation to unfold.

There’s always the danger of throwing too much of the same magic at a situation. So, two ways to go about it. You can cast one big spell for your intended result, or you can go in with a structured approach, which is kind of like trying to micromanage your result, and let things unfold in sequence. For example, first getting back into contact, then regaining your friendship, then developing romantic feelings. You can approach each stage with the help of ritual.

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Love, and having a “sex pet” are two different things in my book.

I totally understand you having a soft spot for LGBTQ+ but this isn’t love to me, just lust.

Anyone who wants someone to be their pet (which sounds like owning/marking someone as "theirs) isn’t in it for love - even if they say so.

This is why I tend to be against love magick UNLESS it’s to attract a general partner - because half the time it’s people trying to force others to love/be obsessed with them. And usually for lustful reasons.


Hey, you don’t have to agree with E.A. Koetting’s exact words, but it is his site :slight_smile:


Getting him curious is one thing but making him a full blown sex pet is probably not probable, when it comes to sex or love spells there has to be something the spell can “fuel” so if he has some interest it should work, unlikely to the degree or sex pet but to a degree of curiosity.

However, he has free will/a mind of his own so I would listen to DK, in the end it might turn sour so it’s best to not go at this as if you’re the center of this person’s universe because he can still question his feelings or choose to no longer talk to you once those feelings or thoughts start to rise.

And just because this is EA’s site does not mean people have to agree with everything he says, some of his authors openly said they do not agree with some of the stuff he says. EA is not infallible.


I am not going to comment on the actual objective, as I do not have anything of value to really add to it. All I will say is good luck and to be prepared for all possibilities.

What i do want to comment is the mentioning of Belial. Before I say this, I would like to note that I do work with Belial and it is from that working that this comes from. If he does accept and pull through with it, it will be a sign to keep a close eye on him. If he can override someone’s freedom, what is to stop him from turning the tables on you? While he is known to help others, he ultimately has his own agenda, as all spirits do. And one’s own well being is not always align with said agenda.

One of my core lessons with him is to always keep your eye on your agenda. To achieve them, it can be necessary to build bonds, as long as you are aware that there may be a time to flip the table on the loyalities when its necessary, regardless if we are talking spirits or people.

That does not mean it is not okay to be respectful and grateful to these spirits. But I have contributed in the mistake of failing to make that point aware in discussions about spirits.


This is true this goes into a different dynamic which demands consent.


From a lot of viewpoints it does fall into that ethically questionable grey area of violating someone’s free will.

Love/lust magic seems to be the polarising subject on this forum. Probably confirmation bias on my part but I can’t recall a single thread where the OP asks for advice on casting a death curse and the responses are like “have you tried working on yourself?” or “it probably won’t work out, so is it really worth it?” :stuck_out_tongue:

With that said, I agree love magic can be tricky to get right because there are so many moving parts involved, but it’s also what makes it fascinating; it’s the ultimate challenge.

@Arabian of course no magic is ever guaranteed 100%, and I think you’ve been sufficiently forewarned of the potential consequences. Angelb and DarkestKnight have both given great advice in particular (being prepared for all possible consequences, and noting that compulsion and targeted love magic have a pretty high rate of failure).

If you do go ahead with it, report back and let us know how it all turns out :slight_smile: and do have a care for your lover, if you wish to cultivate a mutually fulfilling relationship, then consider his happiness and satisfaction as well, magically and otherwise.


There’s been more than a few, but it breaks the moralizing on a working thread thing, so other than honest opinions about how a newbie probably can’t accomplish this, and won’t be happy with the result if they do somehow get real freaking lucky, a lot of these replies are really border line/might even be reviewed later by @Lady_Eva, if anyone’s flagged them when they are getting iffy on it.

I agree you with you, he’s been given everything from how to, to good luck despite the odds, and even if you manage it magic takes time so. :slight_smile: nothing to add other than this.


Havent read this whole thread but I have no doubt lilith can help you.


This is beautiful advice :two_hearts:


And maybe something that’s overlooked a bit… I suspect much of the motivation behind love/lust work in general is less altruism and more pride… but I’m probably just projecting based on my own experience :laughing:


After reading the other replies, I realized that I was coming across as moralizing and deleted my response to you. It’s certainly not my place to tell you to take a deeper look at yourself – I apologise. Let us know if you succeed in your endeavors!

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Yeah, didn’t think about that… Well as long as consent is clearly given then there’s really no issue. And in which case I do wish the OP luck!

Took me a minute to realize what you meant by different dynamic lol :joy:


after reading the thread (very interesting by the way) I could say the following.
will-bending charms are extremely powerful and potentially dangerous in terms of “collateral results” they might have.
Before doing anything, I would recommend that you sit down and ask yourself a question … would you be willing to bear on your shoulders the possible consequences that your spell could produce? keep in mind that it may not only have an effect on you and your friend but on a social and family circle.
If the answer is yes, go ahead and do it, here is a lot of information about it and please come back to tell us how it worked for you.

Okay so…all of these comments about how you can’t make this guy gay or that its some form of rape is…both incorrect and expected. I don’t know what it is, but in spite of everyone knowing the rules about moralizing, people still do it quite often…especially in this section of the boards. There’s nothing better or worse about this than a guy using magick to attact a specific girl that wouldnt give him the time of day. And even if it was worse, it doesn’t really matter. The OP has chosen to use magick the way he wants to use it, and that quite frankly is all that matters. My only guess is that some guys on here get a little triggered by this one because they imagine someone turning them gay as well lol. If you do a search for the word gay on the forums, you’ll notice that a lot of these types of threads end up locked because people often get into a frenzy over it. People…come on…

Secondly, the idea that you can’t turn a straight person gay with magick is categorically false. OP if you want to turn a straight person gay, id ditch belial and go with Orias instead.

That book, demons of magick, has some pretty straightforward rituals for getting your will done, so i highly recommend it, but its not necessary. Point is, you’ve got options here. I dont really care if its “right” or “wrong” to do. What matters is what you want and don’t want…and since you want this, you should pursue it. The only thing i’ll say about it is that you may struggle to make this thing last long term


Morals aside it’s more that you can’t spark something from nothing, that’s not how magick works, it builds off what’s there, just as energy isn’t created nor destroyed you can’t turn a straight man gay or a gay man straight until there’s some curiosity or some form of interest there.

Not that he shouldn’t try but going straight to full on gay boy’s little sex pet would be wasting his own time and energy, starting with implanting various thoughts in his mind is more of a reach then flat out pampering the idea of 0 to 100, and even then forewarning that the straight man may just avoid him all together.

I have experimented with this personally and managed to get a straight guy curious but in eventually died down and he was over and done with it and have not spoken to the individual since which for me is okay because he was an experiment at the time.’

I personally prefer to lay it all out on the table of possibilities and impossibilities than to fuel the mind of a newb with flight of fantasy of “anything is possible”


According to the LOA, there is a potential reality were you and your crush have this life. Unfortunately I’m no expert at LOA as I’m still learning but you can apply Neville Goddard’s teachings and it may help.


Thank you all for your replies! :pray:t3: Especially @Verdo you are full of wisdom and understanding. I know not all will agree with my motives, but that’s not why I came to these forums. I love and really appreciate the straight to the facts attitude. There’s no time or energy wasted trying to push personal viewpoints. That’s why I was drawn to these forums.

I value your experienced opinion and will absolutely learn more about Orias, and summoning them rather than Belial for this particular project.

Also I thought I’d share that ever since learning the name Dantalion, it’s been stuck in my head. And that’s before learning this demon has various genders. Interesting… maybe some kind of sign, but I’ll keep you posted if I decide to include them for this.


I suggest as well that you check out my thread where i collect peoples experiences and success stories on magick, as it often can provide some ideas for your own workings, along with figuring out what is actually possible in magick. Determine for yourself what the limitations of magick actually are. Best way to do so is to actually read peoples success stories. Something can’t be “impossible” if others before you have done it.

As for Dantalion, he could work. Ive never used him but i advise that you pick one and stick with that one entity. A common mistake by newcommers is to call on half the goetia for their simple problem, thinking that adding more = better. But really it just shows a lack of confidence in the spirits to do the job, which is counterproductive