Needing to call upon President Marbas and possibly a reading

I must call upon PresidentMarbas ! This would be my first, i has waited to long due to some reasonings. I have done it twice but with an another. I was still shy at these moments so I didn’t get to truly ask what I needed help with.

 With my offerings and all he has helped:

-managing time for more art. I already had a sell for a painting
-less problems with my shitty boss
-crystal work
-my relationship of 7 years

Starting magic has been a big impact in my life so I’m doing my best to learn with such busy work schedule but the spell I did has been SUCCESS!!!

I must admit, I do want some friends who are searching for friends to help guide them and just ask questions you can’t ask everybody.
If you do readings please pm me, I don’t know who to just message out of bloom or even to approach them

Thank you

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free readings, read top post before requesting, if you pm me the request 9 times out of 10 i will forget it

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