Needing Help with pesky Lust Spirit

I have always been attracted to only other males (genetic males), and never a female… not physically, mentally, romantically or sexually ever in my life (sense early childhood).

I have also always been able to tell when a spirit has entered into me either when in invited or against my will & without my permission. It comes with a physical sensation & an energetic sensation that those whom have had any experience with spirit invocation, possession ext. Knows good and well what I’m talking about (it’s unmistakable).

To go along with it there is a complete fear shift in personality, ways of thinking & I know there is a foreign intelligence within me (as my inner spirit & body is in direct conflict with it).

This Spirit has a strong sexual & romantic lust …attraction … towards females … and I don’t. So much to that it takes joy in manifesting the results in my body against my will.

I don’t like it and I’ve told it to stop several times.
I don’t like the fact that it is violating me & entering without my permission & then creating muscle memory within me & effecting my neuro pathways & flesh to be built & stored up …
& enters & resides within me at times …
Without my permission.

I don’t like being violated in any manner … especially sexually because I have a life long history of being made to suffer sexual assaults & abuses at the hands of a total of 22 people over a period of time spanking over 3 decades (from childhood & even into adulthood).

I don’t like it & it’s pissing me off. So much so that’s it’s tempting me to contact a Persons whom has the power to cast it into a Hell relm & bind it their against it will.

And I can hear it pleading against this action & leveling threats against me … seeing this text … and hearing another spirit reading it outloud to them. Pleading, groveling & leveling threats of harm just like some low life rapist or molester whom hasn’t a shred of dignity.

So what should I do?

How should I handle such pest?


P.S. I’m clearly Queer (Being attracted to genetically Male persons or persons whom resemble cute males, until I findout they started out a girls/woman … or they look like females)

What have you tried so far?
Have you banished it and/or ordered it to leave?

Personally I would and have used the parasites info here to burn these with fire in vision, they run away or die. Burn it from the inside until it’s white hot and even the ashes vaporise.

Good, then it should get out of Dodge before it’s too late. I don’t ever play nice on shit like this, it’s forfeited all consideration and mercy as far as I’m concerned.


Begin with self purification ritual, (Ritual bath and eating a piece of salt)

And then you can anoint yourself with the oleum of the Demonic force you’re invoking for protection. Also paint a warding sigil upon your chest or create an amulet of your patron/matron demon and wear it for protection. And frequently anoint to reinforce the ward. While doing this imagine the spirit leaving you and imagine that there is a strong invisible barrier around you.

I hope it helps.

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I have addressed the matter with Mahakala (the wrathful manifestation of all Buddhas, Buddhasatvas & Bodhi) … and contracted, requested that He ward off & do what is necessary to keep such parasites & such entities from obstructing my path along the Buddha Dharma & path towards Liberation (even as a laypractioner) & to remove all obstacles which will prevent me from fulfilling various vows I have taken & took during my refuge ceremony (which was specifically tailored to fit my needs & such).

In addition he was very angry & furious that I was & have been being violated & coerced by such beings & that such beings have been manipulating & misdleading/tricking me & impostering enlightened beings (such as Dharma Protectors & such) for some time.

I won’t go into the details but let’s just say that when it is said that He is a Wrathful Manifestation it is not joking. He was very gentle with me (and I have sense been able to find a professional & blessed vocal recitation in audio format, from an initiated monastic; reciting & performing the mantra for a daily practice involving Mahakala).

While Mahakala himself did not & does not require, nor demand such things (as that would be a sign of an unenlightened being) he gladly accepts such things at ones own discretion (for as long as they are found to be personally beneficial to the indivudal(s) practitioner(s) in question. i.e. myself).

That said He suggested I make it a part of my daily ritual & learn the mantras myself in the events that I can not play the track (assuring my recitation will be valid & enough & I needn’t anything further … externally… but focus on building the internal structures necessary).
He also pointed out that (thoughvthe training is necessary as to develop the right mental formations) the “tradition” and belief that one is required to recieve some special "anointment or “empowerment” from someone else or rely upon someone else (who often charges something or uses it as leverage to gain followers, clout, prestige ext.) is completely Bullshit (my word word not his) & he’s not in the least pleased by such things, ideas & erroneous (his words) lies & practices … as it is a practice used to mislead & often flees & manipulate people into enslavement to a person (imposter) & lead them off the path … using the his, and all Budfhas & Buddhasatvahas names & reputations for personal & worldly game… thus making a mockery of Enlightnened beings, Emlightenment, The way … and created unnecessary obstacles & traps & conditions for suffering for people whom have senser aspirations for practice & true spiritual liberation (be it as a laypersons or as a monastic).

So yeah … I say when it comes down to it …

He said the daily practice & recitation with serve as a good & fierce reminder to all beings (such as this parasite) whom wish to perform such vile violations against people ext.

@Eliphas I will get myself a Mahakala amulet (bead head) as soon as I can afford it. At his suggestion … just as a “healthy reminder & notice” to spirits & such that I am protected by him & all Buddhas & Boddhisatvahs & that such activities which are unwholesome are not welcomed & only lead one down the path of destruction & suffering through foolishness.