Needing advice on emergency money majick

That’s interesting LadyEva.
I keep getting the impression that my situation is a test of will and how far I’m willing to use majick to build the life I REALLY want.

If you read my post about my experience with Belial not long before I went to jail then that might shed some light on what I’m talking about.

Just found it - don’t know how I missed that, I’m mean I’m not going full-on Twilight Zone here, but I at least skim everything new that’s posted, and yet a whole thread skipped me by…? Hmmn.

Anyway, it sounds like it could be related, as Narius said the solar plexus is about power, especially acts of personal will, but I’m not going to try and interpret exactly how.

I found it this time by reading your post history, but I’m still sensing “stay away” and what’s really peculiar is I’ve worked on people who’ve done some truly terrible things, both face-to-face and remotely, doing both healing and information retrievals, so this isn’t because you’re somehow too evil or anything, it does seem like it’s related to the stuff TWF mentioned.

i can see why now that i have read this response

MK, you’re calling too many different spirits without a PURPOSE. they are all going in different directions and taking you with them.

so basically, you are being drawn and quartered by your own spirit helpers.

when you do convocations (multiple evocations are known as convocations), you want to do them in such a way that your spirits are all going in the SAME direction.

before you do anything important you need to draft up a plan. ascending is no different than starting a business, buying a home, educating yourself for a career, investing for your retirement, or anything else you do in long-term goalsetting. you do well because you plan well and find a purpose, a destination, and a travel route as well as a means of efficient transportation. before you go calling all of those spirits, you have to figure out what you want out of life, where you want to go, where you are, and how you will get from here to there safely and quickly. i can tell by the list of spirits that you have called that you haven’t done that yet.

you may want to create an NLP logical levels pyramid to figure out where you want to go next in life. what do you want to be? who can you model yourself after (archetype, person, even god)? what direction do you want to go in? give yourself a little bit of large-scale purpose setting first to sharpen your vision.

also, and in magick i don’t think this point is made nearly often enough - what you want to do is BALANCE yourself out first and THEN conjure to let the spirits take you further in the ultimate direction you want to go in.

your astrological birth chart can help you out a LOT here. find out what time you were born and then use a simple birth chart generator to give you in-depth clues to your personality and why you do things you do.

the usual birth chart reading tells you what planet is in what sign. but to go deeper, you will want to learn:
: your elemental makeup, including missing elements if any
: which planets are in which signs
: which planets are in which houses
: which signs are in which houses
: depending on what you want, your planet/sign in house placements to tell you what to expect for your major goals

and then look each one of them up. for instance, if you have a predominance of fire in your chart, that will tell you something. if your mercury is in scorpio that tells you something else. if your saturn is in the 7th house that says something as well. and if you have aquarius in the 5th house, that tells you something. if you want to be wealthy, you examine the planets and signs in your 2nd and 10th houses, and the placement of the planets that rule your 2nd and 10th houses (venus and saturn) in your chart.

you’d look everything up and read whatever it says, and then decide how much of that is true for you. by doing that work you get a good overview of the energies in your life. from there, you carefully select the spirit forces that can help you balance out your energies, and THEN when you are balanced out the ones that will take you forward into your ultimate destiny. this i believe is the beginning of the great work and i also believe it is what bardon was hinting at in the initiation to hermetics part 2, step 1: magick and psychic training.

these clues and the spirits that you call on to further their insight can help you figure out what where you really stand in your life as of now.

when you know where you want to go and know where you are now, THEN you conjure to make the trip. otherwise you are just hitchhiking around the goetia and other grimoires and you’ll get places, but you’ll also end up getting lost and the chances of ending up where you want to go are slim.

between your current personality and your ideal personality is all the internal work that you need to conjure for. that gives your conjurations PURPOSE and DIRECTION.

everything i said i was going to do with you, i’m scrapping it. until you know what you want nobody can help you. well, they can help you get what THEY want for you. but you probably won’t be going in YOUR direction, you’ll end up going in THEIRS. and that’s good for them but maybe it won’t be good for you.

finally, about the spirits you called…

you may want to make a list of ALL the spirits you conjured if you can remember them all, and instead of banishing them and throwing their sigils away, ASK THEM FOR HELP. that’s what they’re there for, right?

just tell them you’re trying to figure your destiny out and you need them to recommend other spirits that help you with initiation and master plans, and if you conjured them for the wrong thing to redirect you to spirits and familiars that will align you with YOUR ultimate destiny.

belial was right. take control of your life. but self-reflection first.

[quote=“Musta_Krackish, post:1, topic:3588”]So as I stated in another thread I’m being threatened with eviction if I don’t come up with $900 in a few days.

Now I know they legally have to give me 30 days notice but I want to pay what I owe plus next months rent not to mention my gas bill is due to be turned off on Monday as well.[/quote]

Do you feel your issue has been resolved to your satisfaction?

Not quite yet.
I’ve put some things into motion and done some readings that look somewhat positive.

Basically I’ve been slacking in my majick and not trusting it enough.
Things are changing now but I still need the money for rent.

I haven’t heard anything from my landlord for a while so maybe she’s giving me more time due to my circumstances.

I have to have faith that this WILL work out or it won’t.

was thinking about how you could get out of this mess all weekend and i found something. check pm, i sent you a message.

i will continue to send you energy radionically, to hopefully keep your landlord from trying to evict you so you can figure this thing out, or for you to find a way not to have to worry about a roof over your head.

i honestly don’t know if it’s in your cards for you to end up moving from where you live. unfortunately the spirits will sometimes pull the rug out from underneath you before they replace what you had with what you should have. it’s necessary but never fun.

i did in fact find two houses for you to flip in the closest major city to you but i got a shitload of static when i tried to figure out how to get from where you are to closing those deals,so i’m wondering if i am supposed to involve myself in this scenario or if i should stay out of it like lady eva has chosen to. i tend to jump in where the wise fear to tread, hence my name.

it may be that trying to keep you in your place is only going to hold you back, they may actually want you to move. remember, spirits are verbs. but you have to contact your spirits to find out for sure what they are doing for you and what they expect from you. i’m just hoping that you land on your feet whatever happens next.

pls evoke your spirits again and get into contact with them, starting with belial bc you had a very powerful connection to it. if there is a spirit that will help you get your finances in order surely it is belial.

i’d also like to recommend you read this post i wrote a little while ago about belial if you haven’t read it already. something more to think about when working with belial, plus some tips i have learned in doing very minor conjurations to him.

Last night I did a VERY thorough cleansing of myself and my house which produced some strange phenomena with my dog weirdly enough that started with my last evocation of Aamoday.
I’ll post about it on the healing thread and you tell me what you think.

you mean this one?

Yes that’s the one.

i feel like you did get contact and you called the spirit only to send it away. i’m not so sure that it was asmoday or even any of the other spirits you conjured. it might have been something else that showed up.

either way, whatever it was, you sent it away. good job

Oh shit, i didn’t believe it would happen. but i fear that i’m soon in the same kinda situation… I had forgotten to pay some bills and now they are piling up…

Why all problems at once : dddd

i’m also into this.i’m picking cigarettes from the ground to smoke them.pathetic.i bent for good this time.i lost all hope and i’m tired to give fights everyday.i have no energy to do nothing.and not only this,i have to deal with my enemies also…and of course i have no support.only the numbers i’m seeing someone is watching every step i do…
i don’t give a fuck anymore…

good luck to everyone…

[quote=“dron, post:40, topic:3588”]i’m also into this.i’m picking cigarettes from the ground to smoke them.pathetic.i bent for good this time.i lost all hope and i’m tired to give fights everyday.i have no energy to do nothing.and not only this,i have to deal with my enemies also…and of course i have no support.only the numbers i’m seeing someone is watching every step i do…
i don’t give a fuck anymore…

good luck to everyone…[/quote]

How come we have so many sad fates/situations here… And as i have tradition, i welcome you and everyone to my Skype talking about your life - at least i will listen if that helps anyone, we already have been discussing in skype with few of the forum members.

Anyone who wants to grief together send pm :smiley:

“The Outcasts united”

[quote=“Black Flame, post:41, topic:3588”]How come we have so many sad fates/situations here…

Anyone who wants to grief together send pm :smiley:

“The Outcasts united”[/quote]

Just a gentle reminder that too much focus on this MAY create an egregoric self-fulfilling prophecy.

The only thing everyone has total control over is their reaction to a situation, so choose yours WISELY. :wink:

“Life basically divides into two things: things which are amazing at the time. And things which are awful at the time, which then turn into amazing anecdotes.”

~ Caitlin Moran

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But i have to say, many times when i have felt nervous and bad about something i have still at the last moment got saved from the worst.

LOL…no time to grief my you live,tomorow you’re never know.action is the key.just do something and not think about it…
it’s exausting but we have no can sit all day and grief about your situation,but that’s all about it.nothing will change.i did it and it’s not’s like someone throwing you into an arena with have no choice but to fight.there’s no escape…

[quote=“dron, post:44, topic:3588”]LOL…no time to grief my you live,tomorow you’re never know.action is the key.just do something and not think about it…
it’s exausting but we have no can sit all day and grief about your situation,but that’s all about it.nothing will change.i did it and it’s not’s like someone throwing you into an arena with have no choice but to fight.there’s no escape…[/quote]

That is true, battle with lions is just hard without training how to kill one… its exhausting to try all the different tricks with them lions, they are strong and cunning ones… i guess ““Courage will now be your best defence against the storm that is at hand”

I just meant that if no one will listen or talk with someone, and someone wants to do that - i will :smiley:

It seems there could be a major shift happening where a lot of us are being put to the test.
Have faith the lions will back away and they will.

It’s time to stop talking and start ACTING my friends.

We are some of the worlds most powerful people just by KNOWING we have the power.

One day the power WILL shift in this world to the ones that deserve it.
“The mean shall inherit the Earth” and all that.

I thoroughly believe there is a spiritual war going on and “The powers that be” KNOW there are ones like us who are rising up and discovering their own power.

The best thing to do is put up your defenses majickaly and physically and prepare for a war.

I’m not trying to preach fire and brimstone but the seers of the Bible DID see something like this would happen one day.It’s just been taken too literally.

The powers and principalities the Bible speaks of are not the demons we call,they are the corrupt system that works against us on the mundane AND spiritual.

All I can say is fight back.

I’m refusing to lay down and you all should refuse as well.

Again,stop talking and start acting.

Good luck to all of those going through hard times.I feel your pain but we are here for each other.

Let us use this communication not to pity ourselves but put a plan into action.

Keep your heads up.


Yes, that is the true meaning of my listening others sorrow… That in the end we all find solutions and WIN, accomplish whatever is wanted and needed at the moment.

I have to tell you… Avoid drinking as much as possible, i feel like drinking hurts my personal power for few days - so i’m trying to stop entirely, i was on a break for 3 weeks… then i drank for like 3-4 days (depends what you count as drinking) and i think that was a mistake. (Well at least for me, because i cant control my drinking well enough)

Idk is this problem in your lives, but in this country drinking is overrated.

Lion is fucking terrible enemy when your on hangover, lol.

I too have a drinking problem and am addicted to prescribed medication.
When I don’t drink I just get anxious,but when I don’t have my meds (soboxone) I go through the most horrible withdrawals you could imagine.

As long as I’m not wasted (which I rarely get to that point because of high tolerance) it doesn’t SEEM to affect my rituals all though on a deeper level it probably is.

In the BoA Dante or whatever he calls himself now says he was addicted to opiates and claims to have still amassed a lot of power.
But the first thing Azazel did with him was get him off the drugs.

I however have to find a way to ween off the meds because the withdrawals literally leave me bedridden.

As I’ve stated I’m going to be doing some work with the saints and Archangels to help heal and protect me.

When I got out of jail and had no meds I called out to Raphael and asked him to turn my pain into light and it was the first time my body relaxed in a week and a half.

While I was in jail I prayed to him in tears and imagined his green light flowing through me and it was the only thing that got me to sleep for a couple hours at a time.

I used LadyEva’s method of vibrating his name and imagining the syllables of his name in a triangle around me and it helped.

When I got out and reunited with my daughter she said she was praying for me.

When I asked how she said she was vibrating Raphael’s name.

Amazing how the souls of a parent and child are connected.

But my point is there IS a way through EVERYTHING.You just have to find the courage and will.

Don’t give up and don’t stop using majick until it clicks and begins to work for you.