Need your opinion on something I'm planning

Need to cause some havoc between two people and am planning on doing a sour jar on one of them. The thing is, it will most likely destroy that person and might bring the other one closer to them if they’re going through some turmoil.
Have worked with DOM too, so that would be an option at this point.
Leraje, Valefar, Glasya Labolas, Gaap and Andras are on my list.

The sour jar will contain

-a picture with some destruction oil on it
-cayenne pepper to cause havoc
-something they own (hair / underwear)
-vinegar to sour their life
-poppy seeds for confusion
-mustard seeds (black) for arguments and stopping any activity the person may have
-black cumin seeds to keep someone away
-cat shit

I am going to perform this during a waning moon on a Tuesday night during the hour of Mars.

Am trying to figure out if I should add extra oompf with a demon or two to make sure the other person will not be tempted to help them since they will feel sorry for them.
The jar will take care of one person but how could I ensure that their partnership would also be demolished :thinking:


Love this thread. Feels good and witchy. :smiling_imp:

As well as Glasya Labolas, Gaap and Andras, I might add Aim.

Asafoetida, that can be used in casting circles for it’s property of repulsion… could go in the jar to cause others to be repelled by the target?
It’s an Indian cooking ingredient so easy to find in Indian grocery stores or online.

The usual hemlock, henbane and nightshade if you have them. But I’m noticing all your ingredients so far are easy to get, and these are more rare and expensive as garden seeds or exotic dried herbs.


Ah thats great :heart_eyes: Will try to add them definitely.
Aim was also on my list, but don’t want to overdo it either :stuck_out_tongue:
The herbs are fairly easy to get, but its because of this lockdown which makes it harder to get the more rare ingredients. But havoc can be caused merely with your mind so everything else is extra.

Am thinking of doing the workings within a week so I have the momentum to really put all my energy into it. Do people always prefer to work during night hours of Mars ? It might feel more intense time to work I think.

When working with jars previously I’ve added something the person owns, and if I didn’t have anything from them I’ve used spirit powder. But I think hair does the job if you have access to it.
Going to burn a black candle upside down on top of it to have their world turn upside down for them.
I’ve usually worked on the jar multiple times during a day for about 7 days in a row, shaking it while chanting what I wanted to happen to the target.

Its going to get grim for them…


Sounds awesome. I think they prudes of building the energy up over a well makes a lot of sense too.

I like to work at night, but i like the dark. There’s a tight that Doing it during a waning moon phase is good for bashful magik, but, right now Its waxing, and you might not want to wait two weeks. I think its also an extra.

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I’m going to do 2 workings; the other one for more baneful purposes, that can wait for 2 weeks since that target is less important in my life its not something I feel rushed to do.

But the other one I am planning on doing this week, since it is waning moon, and I want to bring this target to his knees through headwork and domination.

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