Need to silence my neighbour

I have an extremely obnoxiously loud neighbour in apt next to me. Iv asked him few times to try and keep it down and he has a very loud voice to begin with and has to talk so loud at all times. And his laugh omg, just all around obnoxious, you know the type in sure haha.
So I’m asking if anyone can help with a spell/curse that I can use to silence him in some way. Unfortunately i don’t have any way to get something from him as a focus point. Is there a way I can still perform something to shut him up or make him think twice about pissing me off
Thanks to all for any help offered. :pray:


I have a spell chant to get him to move away, if you want it.

Worked for me in the past.


Yes if you had luck with it in past I’d certainly try it :+1:

I’ll PM you.


Is there anyone that knows a good “no talking” curse? I live with this person, all she does is complain. It’s my mother in law, and me and my wife, and two baby healing hearts can’t stand her, I have tryed, both magical, and non-magicsl to be nice, and have her be nice, now, it’s time to bolt her lips shut. Any advice please.


use a search for my threads on cursing and noisy neighbors. I’ve had similar issue for yrs. Bring up the noise ordinance and ask management to remind him if loud noise is past 10pm. I wrote a bit on the curses for noise so it’s on forum somewhere. Don’t want to repeat it here cuz i can’t remember what i did. lol


Freezer spell could work nicely, as well as a banishment. This one I came across awhile back and found to be quite helpful at pulling a warning shot if you will if you do not want to do overkill. While this is geared towards silencing rumors, I have found it works well with keeping people quiet in general when I am around.


Thanks man, I’ll def have a look for that.

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Can you pm me please the spell to move away neighbors

Done, Satanic.

Thank you

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Can you also PM me the chant? Please, i really need it

Done. Check your messages.

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Could you please pm me the chant also? Thanks😊

What are the circumstances? Just noisy?

It’s for my mum. The neighbours are noisy she complained so now they continually intimidate and harass her. I tried talking to them but got the door shut in my face. Classy bunch

Sent. Check your messages.

Get the landlord involve if it’s apartment building. There are laws against being too noisy past certain nite hours. . They can get fined or put to jail for a yr if they make too much loud noise on purpose to cause nuissance which can be any time if it’s too loud for long time. It’s the nuisance law that is separate from the noise law. At least in CAlifornia they have that law.

GOM’s Angels Of Wrath have worked for me. It took like 5 or 6 tries tho.
But i assume if the person you’re trying to get rid of inst related to you, it’s probably easier.

It’s on going thing. never easy. especially if u got a dumb neighbor who can’t understand proper respect/etiquette or even understand the law or someone who have a black heart and don’t care. They know nothing can be done to get rid of them because they know management won’t do shit. So they continue to be noisy. this is the case with my issue. It’s still lot better than before when i ask manager to remind about noise ordinance and that they may be evicted. Even that notice didn’t scare him to make noise. Cuz they know it’s hard to evict without proof. It’s hard to get proof. Cuz once there is a complaint, they become good for awhile and then later blast sound again. It’s a cycle. And they also fake lie complain that you make noise too. This distract manager and he don’t know who to trust.

I think it’s my stupid brother. he did uber with noisy neighbor and he told him that he can complain too if noise come from our side as well. he thinks it’s funny with the noise issue. He probably said something he shouldn’t have to the dumb neighbor without knowing what’s going on with his violating the law. So then he fake lie complain. Most likely brother tell him by accident that he can complain too but without the specifics that it isn’t just any noise but have to be loud, frequent , long hrs and past sleeping time. So the neighbor think it’s any noise. thats why he complain about footsteps. lol. And the dumb manager took that as real valid noise complaint. Some people soo fuking stupid. And he got hired to be a manager. what a joke.