Need some suggestion too overcome some DEEP ROOTED ( almost biological ) Conditioning / Habit!

I have a problem of over sleeping, or at-least laying on bed for, well- sometimes it can even be 14 hours a day. I am sure it is not lack of energy as I can easily walk 15-20 kms without even grasping. It is just A HABIT and I have seen the biological clock will make me procrastinate and make me always go for lunch at 1 :23 or 1:38. Even if I get up 2 hours early that day .

. Tried working with Raphael. He even healed my Completely dead tech and a almost dead person but not this one ! Worked with Hanuman, another deity associated with healing/vigor but still Did things even before I requested him to do but for some reason not this one. Worked with both from Yhwh to Blood sucking Dakinis but this problem isn’t going away.

There is an angel called Ofaal or something like that which helps to cure addiction , haven’t tried it yet but a bit doubtful if this is actually an addiction or some deep rooted biological conditioning ( mostly coming from my father’s side ).

Any idea what can be done? both magically and non magically?


Physical: Set a schedule and an alarm. When the alarm goes off do what you have to do whatever that may be: waking up, eating or exercising.

Magically: Saturnial Entities.


May i ask how old your physical body is currently?

Asking this specifically because natrually all human bodies sleep more when they are young,
and reduce their need for sleep when they get older.

Why that is?

Because up to a certain point (around 18-21 primary growth, and every 7 years cyclic growth processes),
the Body growes out into it’s actual shape.

Those growth processes are highly guided by your subconcious,
and needed for it’s full functioning.

Talking to your own personal inner Demon, might help you understanding what is causing it,
and why it might be an integral part of having overall, what you need for your life and your body to be like.

To access your personal inner demon, i recommend you to follow this coming guide of actions:

Before you’d normally go to sleep, and while you are tired already;
Get into a comfortable sitting position, either on your Bed, with the pillow being in your back,
and holding your body a little bit away from the wall behind it, which i want you to lean into;
Or use your Meditation place, if you developed one, and sit there, leaning back slightly,
as you start to relax and meditate.

Have your focus and awareness seddle at the lower third of your spine,
and back.
That areal, is where your subconcious and lower self reside,
and comunicate with each other.
From the End of your spine, where the Dark Energy is stored for those of us who use the system,
of seperated storage of light and dark energy within their body,
you pump up energy into that part of your spine.
Note, that this exercise will lead to deep, long sleep,
which might initially be against what you look for as an end result,
but i guide you to do that for very good reasons.

Also you don’t need to have actively seperated your energies and stored dark Chi,
at the end of your spine for this specific working. Your body will understand,
what you’re trying to accomplish, by you going through that motion.

Now, while focusing on that lower third of your back,
and feeling a dark pulling sensation built up there,
and especially behind you, imagine yourself,
to be made completely of darkness and fire,
to step out of your own body, from that vortex you’re feeling behind you.

Now have that Dark-Hot being walk around you,
and sit down in front of you.
The sensations during that process might be frightening,
but just simply root your mind into the fact,
that indeed you’re just communicating with yourself,
and that demon can’t hold any bad intentions towards you,
since indeed, it IS you.

Now, let that Demon-self of yours, sit down in front of you,
and watch as it smiles and waves of laughter.
Remain calm, and aware of all fear you might feel,
being unnecessary.

Smile back to the Demon, and welcome it.
Thank it for responding to your call,
and express your happyness to be able to communicate with it,
directly, from face to face.

Then, ask it about your sleep.
How that huge amount of sleep, is helping you,
and why your body currently needs it.

Tell the Demon, that you’re ready to become less reliant on sleep,
and are willing to be awake for longer periods of time from now on.

Now, imagine a sphere of pure light, to build up above your head,
(this is accessing your HGA or higher Self), the Demon woun’t like that very much,
so comfort the demon, and tell him, that it doesn’t have to fear what’s happening.

Now, you indeed MUST smile, towards the demon, to share some of your confidence with it,
and keep it from wanting to run away.

Slowly, channel some of the light from that orb down into the demon.
It will slightly become lighter in color, and from radiating HOT Energy, cool down a little bit,
more towards “warm” Energy radiating around it.

Watch how the Light Energy becomes darker while connecting towards your Demon Self,
in order for it not to hurt the Demon, and the Demon being able to actually integrate the Energy.

Thank the demon, for allowing you to perform that healing on yourself.

Dismiss the Demon, by thanking it for coming,
and asking it to integrate back into your body.

It will go around you, being grateful for that expierience to end,
and going back into your lower back, your spine, your subconcious.

Lastly, let the rest of that Orb, seddle on top of your Head,
and slowly drifting it’s light into the rest of your body,
raising your overall Frequency.

Dismiss your Demonic self, and let it integrate back into you.

You’ll pass out, pretty quickly after this.

For the rest of the night, i want you to force yourself back into sleep,
again and again, regardless of how often you wake up needing to go to the bath,
or grab a drink.

This is necessary, so your actual structure can adjust to the changes made.

From there on, you’ll need less sleep.

Your overall, total capacity of sleep has changed now.

remain firmly, in knowing that you, yourself made these adjustments,
and wanted them in your life.

you’ll likely expierience more nightmares then before the working,
that is normal, and a natrual byproduct of the changes made.

Those nightmares, are in fact your higher mind communicating with our subconcious,
and increasing the processes that natrually occeur during sleep,
like managing body processes, and cleaning up / structuring your expieriences.

Accept, that those nightmares aren’t to be feared, and just a natrual product,
of you spending less time with the regeneration phases.

After a while, (several month, up to a few years), that nightmares will be gone completely,
when your Structure has finished adjusting to the changes.




What excites you? If you have things that excite and inspire you then you’ll be more likely to get up to pursue those things. Personally I hate sleep and go to bed as late as possible and get up as early as possible because I really enjoy life. Just my thoughts.

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Hmmmm, tried to bringing in energies considered to be anti of saturnian current. Other things related to saturn subsided BUT NOT THIS ONE. !!!

Thanks for giving this meditation man , you are Krilling it ( and I am a DBZ fan ).

That’s pumping up energy from ground and my lower part of body , not bringing energy from the upper part of body and into the base of spine, did I get it RIGHT??!!

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Hmmm, have to become obsessed about something it seems, to get that extra pump. But still at morning it seems some ‘HEAVY’ entity has possessed me and pulling me down. And sleep is always in the face region , If you understand what i mean.

On a side note, Even you got the ‘Regular’ status :confused: I am longing for it for over 6-8 months but haven’t got mine yet.


Saturn wouldn’t cause you to sleep 14 hours a day :smiley: He’s very strict about time schedules, he does not tolerate procrastination and he, along with all Saturnial Entities, would give you a nice woop if you’re fooling around. He IS Father Time after all.

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I guess you’re talking about the Chronos Aspect of Saturn.


U sure saturn can’t give laziness-depression-procrastination stuff. At the end of the day he represents limitation and breaking a habit/ pattern is going against that limitation.

yea, may be that’s why

this happens. ??? just asking. Gave up astrology-planetary stuff a long time ago.


Of course!

He hasn’t gave any of these to me. :woman_shrugging:


that’s cuz U R cute as Fuck. And when he came, he probably smiled and said ’ may be next time '.

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Lolz, no he didn’t but lets not speak about past trauma :joy::joy:

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I used to have a similar problem. Some doctors called it hypersomnia, some called it narcolepsy. I slept 18-20 hours a day, at least 4 days a week. But then I could easily go-go dance for hours both weekend nights. I tried all energizing antidepressants and stimulants that weren’t controlled substances but they didn’t work and I was resorting to using cocaine and low doses of street-grade meth to not fail college classes from absenteeism. I was already suffering from very bad depression. Eventually I was put on prescription amphetamines so I wouldn’t have to use street-grade stimulants. That didn’t last, though, because I had to take the highest dose a doctor could prescribe without drawing attention from the DEA, and I had to take another controlled substance (Klonopin) to counter the anxiety. I also had to take an antipsychotic to be able to sleep. After about 6 years of this, and still not being able to function enough to have a career, doctors pulled me off of them because it was just too fishy to be on both uppers and downers. Towards the end, my tolerance to the amphetamines was so high that I had to take more than I was prescribed, so I’d usually run out a week early each month, which plunged my life into chaos. It was impossible to hold a job that way.

My reason for telling you that whole story is to illustrate how important the proper resolution is: stop trying to be something you’re not. I guarantee you you’re in over your head with something. You’re probably even living your life on the wrong plane entirely. That was my problem—in my case, I was living on the physical plane instead of where I belong, which is the spiritual. For you it might be the other way around.

Once I left my money- and career-obsessed family and escaped to the homeless system, I was able to find out who I really am. I stopped working normal jobs and became a mystic, and my sleep problem miraculously healed. It’s because I stopped forcing myself to be something that’s unnatural for me.

When you sleep too much and procrastinate, it’s because you’re trying to escape doing stuff that isn’t right for you. Only do those things if they’re survival needs (like for example, I go through phases where I procrastinate on exercising, but I still eventually force myself to do it that day because otherwise my body will fall apart). You might also be trying to escape people who are abusive (like I was with my family—sleep was the only place my mother couldn’t invade my life, even though I lived 700 miles away from her for years—she harassed me long-distance via phone and internet).

(I’m editing to add that the reason I was able to dance for hours but not have the same energy for school is because dancing was something I actually truly wanted to do. I didn’t really want to be in school. I was just using school as a way to be in NYC so I could participate in the nightlife, and I was lying to myself about it at the time.)


WTF !!! you scared the shit out of me. For some weird reason I am resonating with this.

Specially this.

I am leading a Hermit’s life and there is no-serious thrust in my currently. The practice I do can be done while laying on bed, shitting or walking. SO it’s a call for going the opposite way??!! I had over sleeping problem since early teen but

this part sacred me a bit. Hope it is not some serious medical condition.

If you’re overwhelmed by it.

Call on Belial and tell him to kick your ass if you don’t bring yourself to get up and change your habits. I also called Lucifer with a simple prayer to bring me the physical force to change my habits and they’re doing wonders for me.

Sounds like shaman sickness (hit the search engines). Your inner mojo that’s not yet done with this manifest world is telling you to take the call.

You can’t be healed as such because it’s like trying to heal puberty or something else that’s a natural process. Same kind of thing for @Satanswife (not all shamans, by which I mean people who walk between worlds and can hold the energy of spirits in different ways, have to be out in people’s faces banging drums etc. I think her role is something unique to her).


Unlike where you live where slander is the worst possible thing, The place where i live If I start doing tantra openly ( banging drum at people’s face ) I will be Burned alive or chased away from the state without an iota of cloth in my body. If you do tantra you do under the disguise of Puja / mantra practice. The irony is Dharmashala is just few KMs away from my place. Tantra has bad reputation for reason you can easily guess.

Still, just asking if one takes your courses that you give here, how far can one go into shamanism ( without revealing to society ) and does one have to shift to some Sandra Ingerman’s institution/course after a certain attainment ?

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I think E.A.'s soul travel course goes very deep but I have not taken it.

If you mean my tutorial, you can learn all the useful stuff and it does not require you to do things that will give yourself away.

No, the more skill you acquire the more you work with spirit mentors, not humans.