Need some suggestion too overcome some DEEP ROOTED ( almost biological ) Conditioning / Habit!

Have you considered a servator to help strengthen your will until you get to a certain benchmark? This would keep it’s entire purpose for existence into a great goal and would be sure to have some tremendoud power.

At least give you some momentum

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Oh and PS you don’t have to reveal anything to society or anyone else, it’s not baked into the work, even if you want to heal people, you can find them via the spirit worlds.

You’ll never know exactly who they were or be able to get paid, but you won’t get lynched either.

Going to do some hardcore Visualization mixed with affirmatives. I am not that good at spirit communication, so servitor aren’t a good option currently. Thanks for giving the suggestion, really appreciate it.

yea, the irony is almost every house here has a picture of Dalai lama in their altar. Just the name tantra - black magick evokes fear and knee jerk reaction.

Ok, If you are free do send me the tutorials, will try it.

If I am above average and do the practices daily with sincerity, how long will it take me to reach your level, just make a rough guess.

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