Need some help

Hello guys, one of my friend ask me a spell to bring back ex-girlfriend… Can anyone tell me any simple love spell that can be done using sigil or something … I will be thankful… Please help

There are many thread about this topic in this forum - you will find a lot about it when you use the search bar :slight_smile:
There is a thread… I think it’s called „powerful love ritual“ where you use a heartagram. It’s also possible to do petitions to demons and ask them for help. I think there is also a candle spell somewhere by E.A. Koetting.
Just look a round a little and you will find lots of information.

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Thank you so much… And one question what is petition… Im not so good at english can you please explain

You ask a demon for their help. You can do that in several ways. For example write a letter with your wishes. There is also lots of explanation about that in this forum. I can look if I find an explanation.

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Ohh… Thank you so much my friend​:smile: may the devil bless u​:kissing_heart::kissing_heart: