Need some help with evocations and more

I’ve been here for sometime now and appreciate the help from the community. I’m a little stumped as to what to do now. I would like to talk to some spirits, jinns and demons but a little confused.
I live in a Muslim household so I cannot have all those candles and stuff.
I would appreciate some tips if you guys have any.

create your private astral temple

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Inside of my head right? What should I do after?

There are a bunch of posts about that will teach that in detail.

Basiaclly imagine a place/room and do that daily. After a certain moment it will take on more and more energy thus it will solidify. And because you are using your senses, you will also develop them. Win win

Once you visualized this same place long enough, you will be able to call on the spirits you want to work with.

Listening to Alpha frequency 13Hz to 8Hz through headphones will help with visualizing

Check out @Sylus trance post about a book that will teach/guide you into a trance state, which will help you with magick in general and the construction of your personal astral temple.

Perhaps you may need the 2nd incantation here

(“Sumballa Extrakur”) so as to not risk that the Islamic environment blocks your magick.
Other incantations in the topic will be probably helpful as well.
When you have some time alone, try using a glass of water instead of a candle. And especially if it’s not tall, you’ll also be able to scry the appearance of spirits in it.

Any where I should start to start building my senses and relations with a spirit or demon

its the pathworking system need for tools ritual space etc.
There re some good books on amazon about this.

Any recommendations?

You can even just use a sigil on your phone and no tools or systems if it suits you. Tristan Whitespire, Corwin Hargrove and most of the Gallery of Magic authors, have books that require nothing physical from you other than the book. (And you get an electronic version for your phone)

Those books that do mention tools usually use rituals that can be modified on instinct, though it isn’t advisable to a newbie until they have at least worked with the system long enough to know what they should fix.


goetia pathworking.lucifer and the hidden demons.

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I can do the Sigil method with a online sigil too?

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Yepper, there is a tutorial for how to do that somewhere around here.

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Gonna take forever to find that :joy:

Nah just hit up the search bar for unofficial tutorial and you’ll find everything you need. The top link in the search has all the easy and important tutorial links.


I’ll check it out thanks

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