Need some guide to curse someone to death

Ok, few week ago a dear friend of mine has a major dissaster in her life, i could’n spare the detail here, but the point is that someone do something horrible to her.

In tears, she asking me for help to beat the shit out of that guy… I am not trying to be a hero, recklesly search for some dude and bring him punishment. So, i talk to him, nicely as i could…And find out that this guy not only deserve my fist, but more than that.

I have spirit compagnion and giving them a task to relaese my wrath upon him. 2 week has passed, and nothing happen.

i gave up, i have to find another way … darker way! So, i found this book that i download illegaly–don’t ask me why i do that-- that related to goetia demon. Magickal Attack and Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield. I read the book and find out that to curse someone to death i need some emotion to make this curse works. I do want this scumbag die, but i dont think i have enough wrath to spen during the ritual… my friend, as a victim have it. But i dont think i am.

The question is,

can i ask the demon to bring him to death while i’ve have just an anger?

if anger is not enough, would it be ok to bring my friend during a ritual? the problem is, she doesn’t believe with thing like magick, demon, angel etc…

is there any alternative way i can do.

anything would help, thanks

P.S : Sorry for my bad english

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Just so you’re aware…the makers of those books have put a curse over their works for people who download them illegally. It says so in their FAQ on their website. It will basically cause all your Magick to be less effective…so I’d buy the books if I were you, seeing that this is the only way to lift the curse


@Mulberry thanks friend, just been watch it. Even E.A suggest wrathful hate toward the target. I try it anyway. Many-many thanks.

I gather some material first. If the magick work ill update it here

@Verdo sure, i am aware of that. That kinda warning from gallery of magick that kept me not to perform any ritual from that book. Been reading it just for my knowledge tho… also i respect Gordon works, that’s come first. I download illegaly in act of hasitate, i dont think clearly back then… i read it and it really mind blowing. I dont know about the curse after i visit gallery of magick. Thanks for remind me

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Strange. Someons in the past quoted EA as not being one to doing curses. So I wonder which one it is

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Both: People change. EA used to do curses, now he doesn’t - though, he also says he’s make exceptions if really necessary to protect his family. If you watch his videos he explains this in a few of them.

He did say in the video “I trust, we adult, we can decide for our self weather or not we’re gonna take that extreme measure”

No matter what fire you throw out, expect something to swing back, no matter the horrible deeds this person may have done. I won’t name any spirits, yet know this. Death is easy, to live with suffering in life till it’s time is finished may be the answer. Don’t be too quick to curse the death note.


Give yourself to death. Only in death will you find your way.

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Thanks for remind me, i know someday karma will knock on my door. But i made my promise, i dedicated my self to kill this guy, with or without magick

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Will it be hard to bypass/ get rid of those kind of Generic curses?

I don’t know exactly what curse they used but they said to get rid of it, you need to purchase the material you stole


Hi I am toying with a similar wish to seriously curse a family member who has wronged me. As I always thought black Magick was evil / wrong and the Karma issue I have held myself back from casting the spell. However I am still gathering information to create my own original spell. Up to now Stygal was the only Demon that seemed suitable to call on. I didn’t want to call on the big boss Satan himself as the whole thing basically scares me. HOWEVER, there was a great injustice done to me, and I want JUSTICE. It’s not just pure revenge and sheer hatred I feel but also that I am fed up with being a nice little white witch. Or the turn the other cheek Christian drivel. I had to get a solicitor to protect myself from this relatives (toxic personality) attacks, and put energy into protection and shielding spells and positive thinking etc. BUT I am still angry and am very tempted to do a Poppet voodoo type spell…