Need some assistance

I recently had a vision from Lucifer. He was announced to me by a spirit claiming to be Shaitan. Just shortly after this had happen, I’ve been having a string of bad luck. Work related and now I’ve got a major plumbing issue at my house that’s going to cost more to fix than what I can afford right now.

Anyone whom have had experiences with shaitan know how to properly deal with this spirit?

Would a simple banishing ritual work or will I have to get my elbows dirty on this one?

Something tells me that this another lesson being brought to me by Lucifer.

I don’t want to make it upset by giving it the boot, but it’s like a “cousin eddie”. I’m sure I will work with them at some point in the future, but he’s gotta go. Lol


If it is Shaitan, it may be Jinn you’re dealing with, a poweful one at that… might want to look at how to banishing Jinn specifically.


Well I know that it’s not wanting to completely fuck me up though.

The other day, before I was getting ready for work, I was unfortunately more clumsy than I could care to be. Knocking over a glass of water on my kitchen counter.

It took a few minutes to get cleaned up. But on my way to work, my wife and kids are all in the same van heading towards a 4 way stop; when a semi truck was hauling ass around the turn was in our lane. The driver didn’t seemed to be paying attention, and my wife wasn’t even thinking about it at the time.

But it popped into my head that if I didn’t clean up the mess that I had made, we would’ve been side swiped by that semi truck.

The vision I had before the string of bad luck occurring was Lucifer telling me how he was happy about how I was handling myself during my studies; and to continue on as I have been.

He even drew out his sigil for me without asking as well.

So that’s why I’m thinking its another test upon me.

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Just looked through the archives on this forum. Alot of it was just saying to go with the LBRP.

Personally, I think there was a reason that Lucifer brought him along to have him announce his presence. It was like an introduction itself as the Shaitan said what he was as well.

So I’m wanting him to exit but not in a way that’s going to be offensive to the Shaitan also.

As I know I’m nowhere ready to work with such an entity.

@Lady_Eva @C.Kendall

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Hmm that’s a tricky one… you could try to ask him to leave in peace? Or negotiate something with him?

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Know what kind of offerings a shaitan would like? Candy for instance?

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Perhaps alcohol. I’m feeling red wine…

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Worth a shot, Is there a sigil specifically for Shaitan?

I tried looking one up earlier but had no such luck.

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Since its more Islamic and hasn’t been used heavily in the west, you’ll have to go old-school and call him by name, perhaps add something like “the one who has been giving me bad luck” and more details, with the one you know in mind while saying those things.

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Sounds good.

My plan:

I draw Lucifer’s sigil on some parchment.

Display the bottle on the shrine with the sigil.

I’ll focus my message in the hand that I’ll draw a drop of blood on, and put it on the sigil.

Then I’ll call out Shaitan, and ever so politely ask it to leave, with the intent of looking forward to working with it later when I feel the need arises.

Then go and smudge the house and take a ritual cleansing.

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Although I read your post, first thing that came to mind is perhaps you are being messed with and manipulated by a trickster spirit, or parasite.

I have not read of Lucifer actually punishing people and those who claim as such might also be under manipulation by other entities claiming to be such a demon of stature like Lucifer. I remember E.A mentioning and detailing Lucifer as one who is very strict but not punishing. It’s just not his “nature” I would say… but I’m no expert

Banishing is definitely your first option, though, in any case.

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I’ll keep that in mind. I might just go ahead and invoke Lucifer first and see what he has to say before proceeding.

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As @Dankquanicus said, I would agree. May very well be a powerful Jinn. Try communicating with it and see what it wants but you indeed have an evil one in your presence.

And yes invoke Lucifer himself. Another entity in your presence will certainly interfere with your ritual space but I’m pretty sure you’re aware of that. Protection is key.


Just invoked, he didn’t say anything. But I did feel him, and saw a bright light in my peripherals.

I just spoke what was going on in my mind and asked to if he could kindly escort Shaitan back.

God damn, I love that energy he brings. Lol

Ave Lucifer!

So mote it be!


Glad it’s working out or already worked out. He may have known the issue already once you invoked. It’s the intent an entity like him seeks, which you spoke on.

And so was done.

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Follow up:

Got ahold of the plumbers. Their working with me on making payments until taxes come back, and their not asking for alot in payments also. Which is unusual, because alot of businesses won’t even do that.

Should hopefully fix the issue of the back up in my basement. But since my house is older, they have to tear open a brick wall to get to the old main, replace it with pvc, and try to snake through that point to unclog the main.

Fingers crossed that all goes smoothly.

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I would likely take that as a good sign from Lucifer working on your request because considering, as you said, unusual for businesses to do this. Also the plumbers negotiated on payments. All of this occurring precisely 2 or 3 hours since the invocation. Demons and angels may choose to send signs letting you know of their workings.

Btw, do you still feel a negative presence in your space and aura? If not, I would say it’s another sign. Imagine this negative entity suffering in a corner getting beat up back where it belongs (:laughing:)

But yea that’s my take on your situation.

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Never really felt negative, but there was the stress of the situation at hand.

I looked at it like the entity was a “cousin eddie” situation. They both came to me, Lucifer went on his way, but Shaitan decided to stick around.

When I’m more educated on how to handle with such an entity, later on down the road, I can see myself calling back upon him if I need assistance. Aka “baneful uses”

But just like any other black sheep of the family, good in moderation, pain in the ass to leave. Lol