Describe Your Typical Evocation Experience Here!

Whether you just finished your 5th ritual to get your ex back because you started this week or if you’ve been practicing for 2 - 3 decades and find yourself laughing at most everything on here describe your usual evocation experience!

(Yes I know every evocation is different. I want to know how you know they’re there when they arrive)

I’d like to know the average experience you usually have, and what the most vivid experience was as well.

What was the set and setting? Method used? What about it made it different?

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For me, Angels completely fill the room. It’s a sense of presence, peaceful encouraging presense that I can sort of rest my emotions on if need be. Very relieving in a way I never felt with religion.

Demons are far more subtle to me. I sense something observing me, like I’m making eye contact with them through their sigil. I’ll get flashes of insight and a knowing I need to do something and repeat it back. It’s almost telepathic without words.

Both will speak to me through me as I talk to others. Answers will come conversationally in themes and I’ll notice and then suddenly remember them, confirming it’s a part of it. Song lyrics, movie quotes, or internal dialogue during empty space brings it as well.

I’ve felt the room engulfed with darkness when I was a kid and it terrified me. Most the time I barely sense the atmosphere thicken with demons though. It’s far more subtle. The results come though regardless.


The average experience is rather boring…

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Productive social contact


I wouldn’t say that out loud, they may want to spice up the relationship


A proper evocation means, you ‘‘see’’ something.
That’s the goal of a real evocation. At least you should hear something. If you get no contact it’s no evocation.

Not asking for hollywood theatrics here… 71 views and 5 replies?

Even if it’s subtle, share it!

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I’m really good with sigil flashing. Usual attempts they start flashing within seconds.

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Sometimes I mostly gaze at the sigil and perhaps repeat spirit’s name or enn; in other occasions I structure the working like an evocation, by playing a “ritual” music (on computer), visualizing a circle, calling Gnomes, Undines etc. I had a number of strong experiences, indeed, for example about 20 years ago with Glasyalabolas when I felt a cold current through the body (like a powerful shiver) or summoning an earth spirit and I heard a noise almost on the bed behind me, like footsteps.

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For me, it’s similar to a type of “shudder” that the energies make in the area. Maybe shudder is too strong of a word. It’s at least a ripple. I evoke outside and there’s a general area where they…appear… The space that felt empty now has a discernible presence for each entity, whether a Deity or a Familiar.

I’ve typically cleared the space and make exceptions for Deities or spirits acting on/in their behalf, depending on the working. I may decide to stop cleansing the area to see the effects.

I would definitely be interested in the experiences of more seasoned evokers.



There’s got to be more than 8 people here who actually evoke …right? :wink:

I know we’ve got a ton of new people but that can’t be it.

My senses opened further last night, I journaled a big write up. Might share it. Amazing experience though


I’ve only ever invoked or evoked demons, so I don’t have any other spirit type to compare it to. You’re right, mostly it’s subtle and honestly I wasn’t expecting that. For a long time I was expecting the air to get thick, the temperature to change, shadows to pool and shift, all that jazz. It’s very much like making eye contact with the sigil, something just clicks and I can tell they’re looking back.

They will talk through me, or telepathically, in people and situations over a length of time following it. They will leave synch for me to find later. They talk through emotions for me too. My body is influenced often and I’ll notice that the way I walk, or touch myself answers a question I had. My facial expression and accents can change, my voice will sometimes get deeper. One of my most contacted loves to sound like Sean Connery.

Sometimes the sigil will pull my breath slightly, others like I’m being slowly pushed down by a minor increase in gravity. Like heat surrounding me, or a chill draft across my skin, sometimes it’s a feeling of happiness and familiarity, occasionally I’ll feel energy drunk. I never feel them leave, more like our conversation just fades off. I thank them, give offerings if appropriate and then go on my way.


Not an evoke imo, but still an experience in itself.

I used my phone to display Lucifer’s sigil. The sigil looked like it was separating from the screen and floating towards me.

Felt the energy, seen a bright light in my peripherals, read the link to see the situation as a whole.