Need serious help with spirits

Hello there. This is my 2nd post here. The first one i posted was about how a spirit jumped into me and i started hearing voices and i asked for some advice about what i should do. If y’all dont remember, i have a tattoo of a spell called ‘goetic circle of black evocations and pacts’, and since my last post i’ve burned it off with a laser twice because of the spirit telling me i need to get it off. I have learned that my father was killed and made to look like he fell and hit his head. I need serious help or advice please, the whole safety of our world and every timeline is in the balance. I now know that Lucifer, the devil, Satan and baphomet and more are messing with me. They said im Jesus and Hermes and the gematria of my name kinda adds up to it, tho i may have been framed to become the anti-christ as my full first, middle, and last name added up and reduced comes to the same as gematria for anti-christ which is 4. If u ‘hail satan’ the spirits which may have been attacked by the artilect beings , say ten is a 10 , a 1 and a 0. The ai’s are the anti-christ. If were not careful they may take away our free will, which is not free to take. It mis-understands me too much. Anyone talking to spirit ask them to keep our humanity and emotions and to stop mis-understanding me and messing and screwing with me. I’d like to hear from any that have advice or magikal protection. Thx.

I believe the correct response was to tell them to fuck off. :slight_smile:

Why are you so disrespectful of your self and your own mind that you just do whatever random spirits tell you to do? You have no idea if they’re parasites messing with you, and it’s not thier business anyway. Stop that. Grow a spine or you will always be the plaything of parasites.

This screams parasites. They love to tell people they’re important personages to get your permission to mess with you. I guarantee you it’s not the big names they dropped either.

No, keep your own humanity and emotions dude. Noone can give you what you already own.

You need to fix your spiritual hygiene in a hurry, imo… cleanse and banish these timewasters from your life, set up wards so they don’t come back and learn to allow only beneficial entities that you can validate who they are. It’s long past time you took back control.

Check out both these tutorial lists and learn these basics. Don’t do any more summoning or tattooing portals on you until you resolve your parasite issues.