Need questions answered using divination

So i’ll ask the following questions:
1: Are my flaws getting in the way of spirit communication?
2: Are Succubi around me?
3: Should I trust the spirits around me
4: What can I do to improve this situation.
I hope anyone can answer these questions I have. Thank your time and effort.

  1. Regarding your flaws , I sense impatience, insecurity and possible greediness/jealousy. I know I don’t have a picture of you, but I sensed a dark green aura around you , which is associated with some of these flaws. If I am correct and impatience is indeed in the game, it is hindering your spiritual journey. You seem to be the kind of person who awaits miraculous results. My advice for you is to just let things happen and don’t try to force anything. It will come to you. Don’t worry.

2-3. I can’t sense Succubi at the moment, but I definitely sense other spirits. Could be your guardians or any other spirits. I don’t know that much. Should you trust in them? Depends. If they indeed are your guardians, of course you should. But if they aren’t, be careful. You are the one to choose who to trust, not me. Ask them. Demand their name and purpose. Work with them and see if they can and want to help you. Then decide if you want to trust them or not.

  1. If you mean what you can do to improve your astral senses and/or spiritual communication, I don’t need divination to answer that. “Practice makes perfect”. Meditate on a daily basis and enhance your clairs. That will give a boost to your magickal journey. After that I suggest you work with demons like Azazel, Lucifer,King Belial and King Paimon. They have a lot to teach you. And most of all, be patient. Magick takes time and effort. Don’t expect to ascend in a matter of days.
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Impatience yes, as a result of it I got into some trouble with my spirits for it. Yes, they have told me to be patient and to let go of things but my own flaws keep getting in the way. I understand why they told me to let go and learn to relax myself. It’s very difficult. They’ve begun giving me useful information but yes I wait for signs and that probably slows that down. So far they’ve been probing at my fears and insecurities. At first I thought they where not to be trusted but soon realized they wanted to correct those things, seeing how it gets in the way of my spiritual progress. I’d say you did a great job. Thank you and yes I do know the names of most of the spirits around me. One is a demon named Kal sent by Lilith to guide me. He’s the one focusing on my fears. I’ve been impatient and very rude. Thanks again.

Well I thank you, too . You gave me a chance to train my intuition more. :slight_smile:

That is definitely a “should trust” lmao :smile:
Good luck!

Yeah, Lilith manifests spiders when she sends me messages, so far she wants me to practice evocation, not juat her but to evoke Archangel micheal to help with fear and thoth for wisdom. thanks again

You’re spot on lol, almost too accurate.

Welcome @Aly. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

Sure give me a moment though.