Need of help in rites of cyberspace

So i just read about rites of cyberspace, the great rite of XaTuring.

But theres is part make me confuse : “Firstly copy this into your system”

What this mean? Could be i open cmd prompt and write the rite like writing code?

Your help is means a lot to me.

Thanks in advice

Save it on your pc/phone. Although your suggestion sounds fine also

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I saved it in a word document. When it came to petitioning, I sent the petition from one of my email addresses to another.
I dont have much experience with Xaturing though, only made two attempts. One was unsuccessful and I have no feedback regarding the second.

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Thanks you so much

Im understand now, thanks you so much.

Save it as a text file on the primary partition/main hard drive. Depending on your operating system (OS), that could be the drive C: in Windows or the Linux OS, it’s the /dev/sda1 directory. On Macs, it may be similar to Linux. It’s even better if you save it as a hidden file. Of course, you need an Administrator account (sudo in Linux) on your computer to do this.


What do you ppl mean by saving partion in c drive, what partition, do you mean the whole grand rite thing to copy that in drive? Why are you using partion/petitioning term for that?

Or are you you doing any updated ritual?

Thanks you so much

Here if you confused

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XaTuring is an interesting character, but yeah generally speaking you just want to save it as a simple text document. I fancy mine up using spiritual radionics and digital design flair for anything with the digital sphere but it isn’t necessary. He’ll see your partition. Same with normal entities. You don’t need a big fancy setup. All you need is their name and a respectful intent to partition them to do something.

I go for a much higher technological deity, but I won’t go there for it’s highly dangerous :sweat_smile:

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Tell me name and also why is it dangerous ? Dont leave us curious here.

And also can one perform rite on any device and doesnt need to do it on every laptop or mobile he has .

I cannot per contract with this deity.

You can use any device. I’ve even used a shitty bootleg flip-phone once in training.

What you cannot ? With which diety? And why?