Need Magicians who will help me in killing

Why can’t you death curse her yourself? Why would anyone choose to commit murder without any personal history and involvement with the soon to be departed?


Killing an adult is worse. If I kill her, her family members will be sad for a while. But killing an adult leaves family members heartbroken and the children of that person will suffer and be given away to someone.


I can’t just walk up to her and start talking shit. She will laugh me to nonsense and so will her friends. It took a while for me to come to this decision.

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Dude there are so many better ways of going about this. Also form what you said, it sounds like you have all the knowledge and experience to do this yourself. Why do you need our help?

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Some people want to kill a man just to watch him die. :dark_sunglasses:


Yeah thanks. But killing her will give me pleasure and peace of mind.



I want her dead

What defines a “hardcore black magician” to you? What you’ve read in this forum is just a fraction of the experiences shared here.

If you want a death curse on her, then do it yourself. You seem capable enough, so what’s the purpose of this thread? Getting an approval? You’re not getting it from me.


I don’t really have the power. So I need every help I can get.

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I DON’T NEED ANYONE’S APPROVAL. I only needed support.

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Welp I don’t kill. I just maim. So sorry can’t help you.

But if you have done magick in the past, you do have the abilities to do this.


It pains me that I couldn’t get any help. Guess I will do it myself then or look for help elsewhere. She isn’t a kid.

I am not the type of person who kills people anyhow if not I would have had almost 10 persons on my deathlist.


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@Lord_Raven … Summon Andras to help you.


Then do it, if you’re that determined.

Alright thanks

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Here’s a thought … Why not take magic out of the equation. What would you do then?


She didn’t put you on the list of people she wants to see, so…

You automatically decide that she needs to die?

How did she try to kill you?

People are telling you what you need to evolve. If this was someone who is genuinely out for your life, you would receive proper help. Instead, what we see, is a girl who broke up with a guy, and a guy who cannot deal with it.

This points to the fact that she’s underage.

Yep, sounds like high school.

There is the problem.

Man, listen. There will be a shitload of women in your life. You need to focus on becoming a better man. A more powerful magickian. On developing qualities of a true King.

You are only showing the qualities of a child.

Must? Nah.

What you must do is develop to the point of not caring about this one girl, and being able to take care of problems the non-magickal route.

If you rely only on magick as you grow up, you’ll find it harder to hit your true potential, and go further.

Developing your personality is one of the biggest parts of magick.

Try this exercise -

Do it for two weeks, then come to a decision, but from a logical perspective, and of that of a God.

If then you decide she’s worth killing, then do it.

Doing it that way will make sure you don’t regret it later, and that you’ve carefully thought it all out.

As black magickians and living Gods, we make our own moral compass and our own reality. But that requires more independent thinking.


I don’t think it’s very wise recommend to him such a powerful demon, Andras was responsible for sowing discord and for this reason was allegedly summoned quite often by military leaders, to use his abilities to incite wars that last for decades, redefining peoples and continents. In addition, due to the subtle nature of his work, Andras was supposedly extremely difficult to detect. Moreover Andras was considered to be a highly dangerous demon, who could kill the conjuring magician and his assistants if precautions were not taken. A misstep outside the magical protective circle could mean instant death for the conjuretors.