Need Magicians who will help me in killing

I need every help I can get at the moment. There is this ex girlfriend of mine who is haunting me and I need her dead. She didn’t put me among the list of people she wants to see in 2018 and since then she has been haunting me. I am in school now and i can’t access my altars so i need every help i can get in sending her to her grave.


haunting you how??

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How old is she?

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one should not go about killing people just bcos they can, If she is haunting you, kick her ass so hard that she wont trouble you again. Show her whose the real badass is :wink:


Let me ask you a question:

Does she want you dead, too? I’ve seen this in so many black magic communities and people want others dead for the smallest things. “Oh, he gave me a stare! She rejected me! I failed the biology test!” It’s like that warmongering general in Mars Attacks!: “Annihilate! Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Find other ways to solve things, first. At least do some other magic to make a statement.


Make her lust over you instead of want to haunt you.


Finally, thanks for you post. It surprises me to that ‘some’ people think they can decide about ones life with magic without thinking it trough. In this case we talk about a young girl who has indeed (like @Lady_Eva is mentioning) a family. Try to talk to her and if you want to use magic teach her a lesson and let her live.


There is the “no moralising on a working thread” rule, which is critically important on a forum like this, however I think the fact OP mentioned being in school may raise a few red flags here regarding the age of the girl, and the extent to which she’s really done anything to merit dying, which of course also includes leaving her family devastated.


I might have been harsh and straight forward, but it was in no way “moralising”, because there’s no motives and reasons to moralise about, hence why I made that post. And like you said:


I agree with you here @Lady_Eva. I generalized my post. I’m not judging someone if some bastard abuses a family member, wife or child. Or in a case of sexual abuse. I could care less. Let me change the post. But in this case. Does the girl know what she did wrong? Maybe talk to her first.


The op mentioned school. And the fact that she didnt want to see him next year. This usually indicates 7th through 12th grade, given the fact that they are in close proximity to each other if they were in college it would be easier to avoid him

I’m not going to try to deter you, but I will offer a different perspective. Consider that any energy you direct towards destroying this person is energy you will spend which could be used to make sure a trifling worm like that can never cause you grief again, through means of making yourself stronger. Why spend the energy needed to destroy one asshole when you could use the same force to create insularity from many future assholes? Just my thoughts, do as you will.


i opened this tread thinking one of our own might be in some kind of danger or under threat. what do i get? some kid bitching about his ex-girlfriend…

man the fuck up and deal with your relationships on your own!

if you were under some kind of attack then sure, i woulda helped you. but for this…just evoke a demon, dont bother us with this type of crap.


This is a natural progression of learning magick as a LHP magician. We all went through the phase of wanting to nuke someone with magick for every little thing. Even EA admits going through this. As for the OP, do it yourself man. I have no beef against that girl and I’m sure most of us on here need a better reason that what you’ve given to throw curses, especially death curses. Think it through. Do you actually want to see her dead? Or is that just your anger clouding your judgement?


Trying to kill me

About 20 years old

I have been into African Voodoo before i entered into “White Magic” then I entered black magick for my personal gain. What makes me happy is what i do in black magick. And I don’t want her to enter 2019. All I need is your help.

I am disappointed in everyone telling me not to kill her. I thought this forum was for hardcore black magicians and not for bullsh*t talks. I have my reasons for wanting her dead. When she broke up with me, I did nothing. She has done a whole lot of things and now her cup is full.

I am done with her and I want her DEAD!!!

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I want her dead