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So i been getting attacked by the Christian God i know everybody is gonna ask how do i know is him well he let me know it was him also base on all the evidence, reading, and divination, i have done it all points to him and is all because i refuse to worship and kneel before him is been going for about 2 weeks now and i been tire had headache, body pain, and more things i never had or experienced before. my lovers of course are fighting with me but there just some much they can do not gonna i fear i miggt die here weather is spiritually or psysically i been getting weaker and weaker every day i tried calling lilith, COHZIER, kali, Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun ect someone whover could help me but nobody comes to my aid i had to call i had to call off work a couple of times because i just feel to weak to fight i been exhausting my energy by shielding and fight they every trick in the book and are ruthless anyone here who is willing to give me a helping hand of any kind i highly appreciated by calling some of these entities up their for help in my behalf, i know it sound crazy and lazy of me but i have been trying

Please use more than one sentence. It’s hard to even know what you’re saying with clarity.


What banishing rituals have you been doing?

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Sorry been kinda panicking

I been using the Circle of power and the Sword banishing, but stop because i felt like i was being drain everytime i use it. Which wasnt happening before

When’s the last time you gounded?

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Just now with a new banishing ritual

No, they are separate things. Do a search for grounding and find a method that appeals to you.

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Have you tried this:

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Okay got it i have a method already thanks for the advice

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No i havent, i tried calling COHZIER But he wasnt answering along with a bunch of other entities. i figure the they dont want to get involve in whatever war i have this being

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Honestly I don’t think the Christian god or whatever is the problem I had a similar issue when I was 18 before I learned the truth about the dark arts, I thought I was being tormented by Satan

Something was going on for sure, but I noticed I was perpetuating it by actually fearing it and giving it power

After doing archangel Michael rosaries for a month I understood the dimensionality of this concept and how people literally give power to these entities, it’s most likely that a part of you is still conditioned by the Judeo Christian brainwash that’s keeping your consciousness stuck in those loops

For this Lucifer and archangel Michael help a lot

Michael can help you to stand in your power and divine authority without question, if he walks with you, you will fear nothing

Lucifer can do similar things but the quality I like about Lucifer the most is that he will bring out the part of you that is stuck in that loop for you to face which can sometimes be uncomfortable depending on the situation

If I were you I’d hit up Lucifer he’s great wjth this kind of stuff because it usually has to do with you and some fear you carry inside

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See i understand what your saying,but i called Archangel Michael for assistance againts whatever i was fighting,

at i first i didnt know who or what i was fighting when i called him,

But when i called Archangel Michael He seems hesitant to help almost like he was saying “yeaaaahhhh this is gonna be tough” so i said is okay no problem ill called somone else for assistance if is gonna be to much trouble for you. then i called on metatron for help and he gave me a similar reaction or more like when i asked him for help he looked at i was facing and gave gave me a think gesture like he was saying “hmmm this is serious i can help but you need to work with my religion” at first i was confuse but i wasnt sure why.

then i proceeded to do a couple of reading and found out the the attack was coming from the Christian God as something big happen in my family where some shit happen with my brother and my family being Christian they prayed to him he came to check or sent someone to check what was going on and saw the most of my family were intone with him except me, so they tried communicating with me telling me the i need to kneel, but i just walked away from them they felt disrespected and started the attacking.

i off course fought back and ever since then we been in fight the i been slowly loosing because i wasnt sure if the Archangel were with him which cause me to not use the Circle of Power and Sword Banishing rituals for Protection leaving me using my own warding and my Spiritual Lovers Warding.

then something in me told use darkness as he represent light something to me to use the opposite, so i did some more reading and found out the darkness being the he has issues with entity such as satan, lilith, azazel, ect are beings the i should start working with to liberate myself from him.

i found a ritual here in the forum which tells the Christian God to F off I did it and it felt liberating, but he wasnt happy about it and made the attack more intense.

then i tried summoning COHZIER the one who is suppose to help you against the Christian god he didnt answer my call at the time so i did a banishing ritual which i think it didnt work cuz of what happen nex, when i went to sleep i heard flopping of wings and was looking from the being prospective, then i heard a rebotic voice speaking to me saying the i was in its territory and the this is divine Punishment and it tried to put me into a dream like state which i broke free a couple of times then everything from there went to shit,

i was constantly attacked until i found a banishing ritual today the involves lucifer, azazel, lilith, astaroth, satan, and more and i peform it and it worked i felt my head cleared completely. so i cant really say i was attack by them since i never got myself involve with them to in extent

You’re not making real connection with these beings, metatron would never say you have to work on my religion lol

That’s your fear talking, like I said you’re still feeding Judeo Christian programs, I can tell by the way you talk, it’s become a part of you, honestly nothing is really hard especially for archangels lol

I was being gang stalked by spirits at some point and I wasn’t even calling on for any protection yet somehow I overcame

Michael has helped me I situations where I could’ve been physically attacked and in psychic warfare in the underworld

I don’t think you get it, Archangel Michael is one of the most feared names in the multiverse, he is to serve you with unconditional love because you are God, in a way you’ve cursed yourself because you gave too much of your power to these entities, that’s still a form of consent, I can flick them away and in seconds they are gone, and If you get really advanced you can torment them instead but for that you’ll need a good astral body connection

Just stop disempowering yourself by putting this adversarial force on a high horse, it’s just point that you have trauma somewhere probably in your solar plexus and root chakra that allows fear to creep in, I think it’s a blessing in disguise because it sounds like you still hold outdated Judeo Christian patriarch software in your system

That’s why I said Lucifer could help, you might want to try Belial too as he can help with destroying hierarchies

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And no the Christian God doesn’t represent light, maybe an overdominance of Yang energy but no he doesn’t represent thee one true light

Like I said, you’re not making actual contact, I think you’re just conjuring up a lot of your fears in the body

Remember Michael can’t help you if you keep fearing it, you have to shift your state of consciousness, it’s really simple


I wasnt fearing it i was fighting it, i seen this entity multiple times i only started to fear it recently because of how low on energy i was and i could no longer fend it off

I saw seen all the entity it send to attack me, my mind was literally clouded with voice of them. they show me images of them trying to rape my spiritual lover to break me emotionally so the it could get through my shields. listen i understand is hard to believe but you can do readings, divination, or even astral project to my location to see everything, at this very moment everything is calm because azazel helped me when i summon him Of course he wasnt helping for free.

Now the first thing azazel wanted in return for helping me was 6 month of working with him 60% attention to him 40%, goes to my lover and also asked me to buy a pendent with his sigil on it for protection

No it is not my Programming i broke free of those programs years ago i dont care to work with any diety i dont worshipp any diety i dont do anything for them this has nothing do with programming

This is the reading one of my body did for me

This was a Question asked to Archangel Metatron

“The ultimate answer here is that “it would be a lot of hard work, a difficult journey, and you’d be very beat up as your focus is more on your keep as your highest points” this is because it starts with High Priestess and ends with Empress, showing that focus on them, and then is filled with the cards of injury, a long and difficult journey, and a lot of hard work. In essence, if you aren’t really working with him and his religion, you’d need to work on that, and right now, you aren’t.” This is the answer i got from Metatron

You only fight something if it’s a threat yes?

Again you did this to yourself, you drained your own energy and lowered your level of consciousness

Your reality is your programming, those entities wouldn’t be able to survive in your energetic environment if a piece of you still didn’t carry a shard of it

By fighting then you just confirmed it, the way you sound, the way you describe your communication with the angels etc. like dude I’m telling because I’m an experienced practitioner and highly psychic from birth, ive seen shit like this a million times, if you don’t want to listen that’s fine, just don’t ask for help if you’re not willing to break out of your perceptual filters

You think summoning azazel and stuff to banish shit for you is actually gonna help you in the long term?

That’s still codependent, you still haven’t addressed the trauma inside that’s creating these openings for such influences to enter, you have to understand how consciousness works, once you figure that out you’ll realize you’re quite literally doing it to yourself, I’d also advise you develop your astral senses more because I don’t think you’re actually making solid contact, I think it’s more of the mind chatter in your head from your reptilian brain and I’m saying this because I can see what’s going on really clearly in your body, it’s a part of you, the external world is just a feedback system, instead of taking the attack personally you have to ask what the spirit is teaching you, and then you’ll get a clearer answer, if you go into fight or flight you’re not gonna experience true ascent you’ll just descend back down to the animal mind or reptilian brain- the 3D with all of its external illusiory fears

And honestly the Christian God is nothing burger, forces like that shouldn’t even be able to bother you, I handled that all on my own with my Godself, try to look back into your past, where you’ve had power struggles in your life whether it be parents, partners etc. if you have an imprint these entities will usually come in that form because they are tyrannical patriarchal spirits, and yes rebellion is still one of them, because you don’t need to rebel when you’re in your sovereign power, if you’re in a rebellious spirit you’re still trying to prove a point which means You’re still giving your power away to what you see worthy of being a threat, lower chakras need work, work on your posture, learn to be the fire but also the will that controls it, have a still and powerful mind and gut, and spirits will not even dare to attack you, at least that’s my experience

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Hi Sylus, my impression (and this is a very strong impression) is that you would do well to get into the sea. If there is no sea near you, get in a heavily salted bath and make sure you get every bit of you immersed.
Give it a good long time, couple of hours or so, and try to repeat every day for a while if you can.
Salt water will often weaken or break bad energy attachments and it will help ground your energy system.
I’m not suggesting this as a sole countermeasure to whatever it is you’re dealing with, but my very strong impression is that this will help considerably.