Need help

Im generally new here and need some good firm advice without any omited info
I need help regarding to my soul tie (incubus)
My incubus has been acting abit shady as in i think his trynna hook me up with his brothers and dad? why i assume this is bc he is okay with them harassing me sexually and even his father? I have told him about it and then recently told him i just wanf him but he said 1 on 1 than . Idk lol its werid as fuck

Is this what they do ? Wjen eventually ppl become closer or yrs 6 together . Is this normal incubus thing or at least with incubi with siblings

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Sounds very parasitic. I’m leery that it’s an incubus at all, but have you tried talking to Lilith about it?

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He can also contact Samael

No but i will consider it .

What do u mean by he can make contacts wirh Samuel ?

Imean i have once contacted my incubi thro Lily but that was it …ig i thought she may have already known about our mishaps since she is his mother and mothers know their children and their misbehavior.

Contact Samael. Or Lilith, they are the parents of incubi and succubi