Need help

I know a lot of you are passionate about the subjects which flourish on this website and notice that you giving aid to other people does not come as an issue when you’re aware of what to do or knowledgable on the subject, so one of your genuine help would be greatly appreciated.

2 things.

  1. I performed a spell, a “leave me alone” spell using the phrase “so mote it be” at the end and need help identifying the entity behind the spell I performed so i can discharge the entity.
    It’s been bothering the fuck out of me since i performed it (like it backfired on me but still worked) and I don’t have any local bros or females I know who dabble who can help me figure it out. I have the info on the spell and website.

  2. I was already interested in Hermes but was unaware that mercury had numerous spirits that presided under its planet and not just one, so I came across a mercurial spirit which presided over my birthday and thought it was my guardian angel so I invoked it and now its haunting the fuck out of me but feels like full possession. This has been happening for about 6 months.
    I found a website that said the angel taught necromancy, but I don’t think it is a fallen angel. It is most definitely non canonical though.
    I want to identify and rid myself of both… please help me find out who the 2 are and how to safely and effectively banish/depart/or discharge both. Thank you :slight_smile:

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What banishment rituals have you done in the past or tried for this?

Have not tried simply because I’ve wanted to discover who the entities are first.

If not banish tey will get strong whit time and u weak. And powrrles. Eho know it may be a leech, parasite feeding from you own energy,? Evwryone here say purify area of ritual such incense, clean space. Dismmiss spirts give thanks a small offering. But update us.

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How can i banish/dismiss the spirits if I don’t know their names?

You don’t need names. Just do a general ‘banish everyone’. E.g. LBRP. Search up top right for many prior discussions or look in the Unofficial Tutorials thread.


Allister crowley said you need to do it every day to be effective. If there are “1 time” invocations. Why can’t there be a “1 time” banishment?

Have you ever had a stalker? They keep coming back, weaselling their way into your life, even after you lock the doors and windows and get a retraining order. It’s the same thing with spiritual stalkers. Just because you kick them out once, doesn’t mean they can’t return.

Banishing is to be done daily because the energetic boundary that is drawn and enforced fades with time, and so needs to be recharged. It is the same with anything magical, such as talismans, or wards, or magical weapons. The energy isn’t infinite and must be renewed every so often to maintain its power.

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That is killing your enemy.Your best bet is to raise some shields imo.

Or make servitors who defend you, befriend some powerful allies etc.

Do an LBRP and say some prayers to Archangels

Or like a permanent eviction, to where whatever legal rights that enables them to come back after being banished is inhibited…
They weren’t bothering me prior to the invocation so obviously there should be some kind of departure agreement that would ultimately hault them from ever coming back once spoken. Right?