Need help wording a pact for possession

So im sure multiple people have seen I’ve been trying to make a pact of possession for a while now

Well thanks to @C.Kendall And his merging with a spirit post lucifuge offered to join me in a covenant

I’m really grateful for this fourm

But the reason I’m posting this to ask what is the terminology or type of possession where the spirit and I share conscious is that a full possession or is there another name

I don’t want lucifuge to control my whole body I just want him there so I can talk to him and experience his energy and so on…

Any help is appreciated thanks

You would not share consciousness, that’s not an option.

In full possession, you take a back seat and may or may not have enough consciousness left to be an observer of the entity running your life, like being stuck in a movie and no you don’t popcorn. I think death is preferable to this.

You can invoke the energy of the entity and keep control, which is a very mild possession and can change your emotions and attitudes.

You don’t even need an invocation for this… just make a talisman that makes it easy to contact him and talk to him through that.


Can I pm you?

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