Need help with symbolism

Hi guys

I have meditated today and saw a few symbols. I have recently been interested in knowing if I have any spirits as patrons. I was just wondering if anyone maybe knows what the symboles could relate to.
I also thought about the only name that I can remember when I used a spirit board when I was a teenager and the name was Zaza.

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The first one is the zodiac symbol of gemini :slight_smile:


I have recently been interested in knowing if I have any spirits as patrons.

I think that’s a ‘Yes’
– I’m seeing this as possibly the two of cups… with maybe something extra in the middle - a grimoire representing a path of learning and an offering of a drop of something nice in return?


Partnerships and unions are represented by the Two of Cups. Much like the Lovers card in the Major Arcana, energies come together to create a mutual bond. Beauty, power, and electric vibrations occur, bringing romance and sexual energy to the scene. Platonic relationships also benefit from the Two of Cups.


That’s very interesting as I read about how to work with spirits this morning especially about returning favors and what good offerings are. I will look a little bit more into this.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Lots of water elements.

You have the chalice on the far right. Symbolic of the womb. The goddess. Feminine energy. Water. The cycles. Things related to that. Connected to pretty much every goddess and female based spirit.

Then, on the far left the symbol of gemini. Corresponds to air. Considered feminine by some. Traits are in the screenshot below.

The middle. That I’ve Never seen before. Looks like a rain drop hitting the ground. Union of water and earth. Fertility? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

Look into deities and spirits corresponding to:
Air, water and earth.
Feminine spirits.
Gemini zodiac.
I get darker associations as well, but that’s more of a personal impression.
The chalice.

Also, try looking into lilith once again, personal impression I’ve gotten off of this.

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I saw an open book aswell but I don’t know if thay could be of any significance. I will try to meditate more tonight and see what happens. What would be a good way to contact the spirit. I have made bad experiences with ouija when I was younger so I’m not so keen on that until I’m a bit more experience.
Lilith is an interesting one to look into she stood out a few times lately. I’m not sure what the vibes are I don’t feel scared about the presence I think.

Thank you for the advice

Are you interested in Agares?

I haven’t heard of Agares yet

Something tells me you should check him :slight_smile:

He looks dark and scary :joy: I will have a read when I get home.
Cheers :blush: