Need Help with Soul Travel

I’m confused. I read a lot about astral projection in the past and all of them says I need to achieve mind awake + body asleep state. But in Soul Travel you apparently can travel without achieving trance. Shouldn’t the physical body afflict the astral experience?

I tried to achieve the living imagination. I tried what EA said in the ebook. I closed my eyes and tried to see my surroundings. And everytime I do that I my focus goes to the blankness of my closed eyelids. Tried to see and it still didn’t work.

Can someone please tell me how can I Soul Travel? The exact method?

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You don’t need to be asleep or in a trance, partial projection is possible which is where you are aware of your projection but also of your physical surroundings. Both are just one of multiple ways to achieve projection.

Personally I project and can type or write, etc while doing so it’s a matter of switching focus from projection to physical and vice versa.

How do you do that? Please explain!

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It’s fine to begin with a stage where you’re aware of a real (or, in other cases, imaginary) thing, which maybe you can’t see with your mind’s eye but, precisely, you know it’s there.
This may afterwards progress to either a cartoonish vision which is also good, or a direct sight of the place in a realistic way.

I started with projecting around my physical area, around my room, my house, my neighborhood, physical projection/biolocation. I became aware of my physical body from the projection and learned to switch between the two or hold awareness in both through that means


Not everybody has a visual imagination. Can you visualise at all, or do you not picture images like, say, when you’re reading a description in a book?

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from my understanding of soul travel, it is to be out of your physical body ie: your asleep, but moving around as a ghost would within the physical realm. i’ve done it once, but i have no idea how and haven’t been able to duplicate the experience. from what i remember i was dared to jump into fire within a dream, i did and i “fell upwards” out of my physical body. i’ve attempted that multiple times in journeys and lucid dream to no success.

Yes I can do that just fine. It only happens when I try to imagine my surroundings with me in it.

How do you project out exactly? Do you just imagine and it’s done?

No I don’t use imagining, mainly because that would be no different if not close to just that imagining but not actively doing.

I started projection (or as BALGers call it ‘soul travel’) after I got the basis of energy manipulation down because it applies to manipulating the energy body, I never used the concept of “getting out” of my body as opposed to already being out and using energy manipulation to connect with the projection. The more I practiced the more my senses grew accustomed to the projection and the more I was able to see my physical surroundings, my physical body, and move about my physical location in projection.


In that case I’d just say practice. It works the same psychic “muscles” as soul travel, and you end up working up to the actual thing.

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By energy manipulation do you mean Robert Bruce’s New Energy Ways?

That’s one way

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