Need help with invocation

I just want to ask some advice regarding invocation. I have in the past recited Lucifer’s enn: Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer, and then I did feel a presence, but I only spoke his enn 2 or 3 times.

I want to do a proper invocation, so how will I know once I have invoked Lucifer? Will I just keep on saying his enn, until something happens? Do I say the enn 50 times, or when do I stop?

I am trying to understand how will I know once I have invoked him?

@Antichrist My standard advice would be if you are not sure then you haven’t done it. It’s like something crashing through you. A proper invocation should be as obvious as if someone had just poured warm water water down your throat or something. It’s not at all subtle.

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There are proper methods to do a full invocation. Search around a bit.

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Thanks a lot. I will do so.

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I did say Lucifer’s enn, a few times on Saturday and I felt this light electric feeling going through me, I was getting goose bumps.

@Antichrist Perfect. You can go much further than that though.

Ok, now I understand, I must just keep going at it, and not stop so quickly. Thanks! I actually get it now.

@Antichrist Not really. At that point that is an invocation. You can keep going for however long you want. Repeated practice will yield better results. Also, there are better methods honestly.

Ok. I see. I have this foolish assumption that a spirit might get angry if I keep on repeating his enn, for hundreds of times. I dont know why I have this foolish idea, it’s just that I have some much respect for spirits, demonic spirits, that I do not want to do anything that offends them.

You are opening the gates with every repetition. Standard advice is to chant as much and as often as possible.[quote=“Antichrist, post:9, topic:20448”]
's just that I have some much respect for spirits, demonic spirits, that I do not want to do anything that offends them.
Your attitude is good. I applaud you for that.


Thanks for the positive feedback and advice. I appreciate it. I think I finally got over my fear of working with spirits. So on the weekend I want to do a proper invocation.

But if I open Lucifer’s sigil, while I chant his enn, does that count as an evocation? The thing is, I do not want to do an evocation, at this time, but if I open his sigil while I say his enn, will that still count as invocation?

I know evocation is opening the sigil and then staring into a scrying mirror, but I want to stick with invocation for now.

@Antichrist Instructions:


At the very end just keep chanting until you can feel the flood of power (electricity, flames, heat, cold etc.) then keep going for as long as you want.


Thanks! This is a very informative post. I will study it.

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Thanks! I can’t wait to do it on Saturday. I absolutely LOVE that electric feeling that runs through me. I must admit, when that happens, I feel very powerful. So I can’t wait to feel what it will feel like, if I push this even further! Maybe until it feels that I am to black out. lol.


@Antichrist You are welcome. There are many many more ways to do it. That is definitely a good starting point though.

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