Need help with cursing a coworker

So my boss is an asshole,shit talking waste of space have any ideas of what curses or spells that could make my job a little easier and have her off my ass ? Wouldnt hurt to have her suffer a little during the process lol

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Probably a binding of some sort, I haven’t really looked into them but there’s plenty of threads here on them.

There’s also a host of entities that specialize in changing ones mind, King Paimon and Orias come to mind. I think people have success in the work place with King Belial as well, wouldn’t surprise me.

Then again you could always call on Glasya-labolas or Andras I suppose.


I Appericate the help :grin:

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What justin said do a binding spell. But bind the enegry she gave you to her self. So eveything shes giving you she gets back and understands what you feel like.


When using baneful magick i have learned that graveyard dirt of a relative or a gambler (gambler for luck especially) can multiply the power of success of your curse. Also if youre able to get your hands on a valuable or a possession of the target that can really intensify the work as well. I suppose it depends what you’re going for. I would suggest graveyard dirt and evocation to harm the person. In order mess with profits and business i would recommend stealing a personal item, using baneful magic on it targeted at your boss, then maybe try to hide it in their office or perhaps under their own seat. If youre trying to reflect the energy back at them a binding spell is your best bet. A simple freeze works WONDERS as well.


You need a hoodoo shut up spell.
Take 13 nails. Charge them with negative energy.
Drive the nail into the red candle, which has also been negatively charged. Visualize them tied down, burning and their mouths sown shut.

1st nail: “with this nail, his mouth is sown shut”

2nd nail: “with this nail, his feet are nailed in place, becoming stagnant and in pain. His path, closed and blocked”

3rd nail: " with this nail, his intentions are silenced"

4th nail: “with this nail, may he be struck down”

5th nail: “with this nail, may ignorance cloud his mind”

6th nail: “with this nail, may his fate be sealed and his coffin struck shut.”

7th nail: “with this nail, may the spirits of the dead haunt him”

8th nail: “with this nail, may all success be taken from him”

9th nail: “with this nail, may his lovers leave him and may he drown in his tears. No forgiveness shall be had for him and his bonds, slaughtered.”

10th nail: “with this nail, may he real what he sows”

11th nail: “with this nail, may pain and darkness ensue”.

12th nail: “with this nail, his time and luck has run out”.

13th nail: “with this nail, the spell is complete.”

Now you don’t need to do 13 but if you don’t, keep it at an odd number. You could also do each nail over the course of 13 days (if you decide on 13 nails) or you can do it how I do it and use all 13 right then and there. Also, graveyard dirt helps, but get the dirt from the grave of a negative person, if you can help it. (being a bitch or a murderer. Somewhere in between that)

Also, magickal sulfur helps.




I’m very fond of this spell.

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I learned about that kind of voodoo at the crossroads and its super effective!


It is and I loves me some voodoo and hoodoo.


That spell is brillant and beautiful I will use one like that put on my spin but thank you so much :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: she really is a horrible person making fun of over weight kids and any one who looks different now I am no saint but to make a kid feel bad about themselves is fucked up I’m surprised she hasnt been fired

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I have her handwriting and will get a pic of her maybe will nail the picture to a board

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I like your style! Get her good!

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I don’t want to sound shallow- I’m sure she’s a bitch but have a feeling she’s just jealous… cuz… well… you know.

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