Need help with banishing ritual and protection spells

Hi it’s me again Jessica come here cause i thinking I can get some advice here. Okay this may sound weird


especially coming from a child. while my 4 year daughter is being haunted my an old old friend from my past who passed away 15 years ago. To be completely he wasn’t a good person prison drug etc. Well he was an ex and now he’s haunting daughter. About two weeks ago Annabelle my daughter I hear her waking up screaming crying. So she tells her Daddy and her Daddy is very open minded and so am I, so she tells her Daddy about her and why it terrified her and I wasn’t near to hear her when John her Dad came to me and told me about the nightmare and who was it in i froze like total shock she describes the man and yup. He was telling her to go with him or mommy will go away. I’m like wtf cause this now Demon was from my past it’sthe fact he’s haunting my daughter dreams and my daughter would not make up something like that she’s 4 years. I don’t believe in cancelling or any kind of therapy help. I already know who it is. Need some banishing protection my poor baby girl

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What have you got going on so far in terms of banishing and putting up wards?

Hi sorry it took me while to get back, well the first time she had this nightmare she told her Dad and he also studies and practicing in the black Arts a little more advance than I am he did the first banishing ritual through black crying mirror it worked cause i felt his presences as well. We thought it worked at first and it did but guess he didn’t take it serious cause he came back. Now since I personally knew him and he was a stubborn horrible person when he was alive. So when my daughter told us about her second nightmare of him didn’t panic kinda freaked out even more cause I knew it had to do with me. So I did prepared myself and did a revealing at first see if it’s really and since I personally knew him and to see if i could connect with him to see what he wanted with me I did and yeah I saw and through my own self-conscious i told him to go away and to stay away. Don’t know if work but something did work. Just need a banishing and some kind of protection for her.

Ok, that’s common that entities go but return. Hopefully re-banishing will continue to work, but I think you want to jump on it as soon as he’s gone again to prevent his return.

So this is where your wards come in. I’d make a few. I’ll outline what I’d try, but I think if you also search here for ‘wards’ and ‘protection’, and online, you’ll find lots of techniques from many currents and some might resonate with you more. You should go with whatever feels best for you.

  1. Consecrate a pendent for your daughter to wear as a ward and/or with a protective entity to keep him out of her aura altogether. A pentacle, the rune Thurisaz, the Aejishalmr etc are all good, but a fave item enchanted is fine too.
  2. Ward the entrances of your home, with the intention that he and other malignant spirits and bad luck cannot enter. I like an old-fashioned iron horseshoe, which you can get on ebay cheap, and you just nail it open end up above the doorways. It’s such an old traditional technique it need minimal effort to work, just nail them with intention. Maybe mutter a quick incantation to the fae or your favourite entty, which could be yourself, to invoke it’s powers of protection.
    You could also use the rune Thurisaz for this.
  3. Draw a circle around your house or block if necessary with the intention that he cannot pass. I like to make these of anything powdered and whitish. In the past I’ve used straight up bentonite powder, these days I tend to mix incense ash, toasted asafoetida, bentonite clay and flour. Crushed white eggshells are cited as being used by S Ben Quayin in his books.
    I don’t personally use salt, as I live in an area where I’d be salting the earth, and I work a lot with the fae and they asked me not to put poison on thier home, not that I would. A tiny bit of salt mixed into the blend would be fine I think - dose matters.
  4. You could sprinkle salt on your lintels and window sills, Supernatural TV show style. That was adopted from historical practices. You can also sprinkle a circle of salt around you daughters bed at night
  5. I am a big fan of Hell Hounds aka Barghests. Invite a couple into your home to guard it. I tend to call these as and when needed, and I can aspect as one so we kinda hunt together, so I don’t know what’s needed to keep them around, but I think that would be an interesting practice to look into. Humans and hounds have always been good friends :slight_smile:
    Um, they are wonderfully vicious, if you don’t want astral intruders torn to bits maybe this isn’t a good idea.

I don’t know any specific formulas, I avoid using other peoples rituals in favour of designing my own, unless I have a specific reason to follow them as written. I think of them as training guides.

So yeah, DIY it. There are a fair few types of hell hounds, they range from ghosts to lesser entities and minor demons that just look a bit like dogs, so it depends what you want. A ghost probably wouldn’t have the abilities you want though.

a) If you want to do a petition, you could ask the Celtic deity Arawn for help from his Hounds of Annwyn (the underworld). I haven’t tried that myself. Those hunting dogs can scare, warn and kill.

b) They can be evoked. They don’t have names or sigils, unless you channel them after they manifest, so you want to do preparatory immersion and get a clear image of what entity you’re looking for, Maybe ask a guide to find one for you in the realm the type you picked lives. I would use a vessel like a dog statue (e.g. fu dogs) one for each an enchant it as a home from home, (not a binding) then get to know that entity, feed it and tell it what I wanted it to do.

or c) manifest them yourself as a creator being. This is more along the lines of creating thoughtforms. My favourite is the image of the ‘Samael’ from Hellboy, which looks just like a hellhound to me, only I make it 2 - 4 times that size. (That probably doesn’t make sense to anyone, it’s probably a me thing - the image doesn’t look doggy, it just feels like it to me.)
This one is great for taking with you in the astral. It’s also fun for morphing into if you need to fight.

  1. Would you need to be able to do anything beyond banishing/entering gnosis (eg have well-developed clairs, be aquainted with the astral. etc.)?

I think that sounds like what you need. If you can travel the astral, you might be able to go in person to find one and ask it personally to aid you. I’ve never had one ‘talk’ but they seem to be telepathic.